Boosted miniX 110 miles of use

image image Hey there everyone, I am posting my new boosted mini x bought in september. I have about 120 miles of flat road commuting to work with no abuse. My roomate got squirrely on a start and the board rolled and slid a foot or two upside down, so there are some very minor scuffs on the top edges. otherwise, perfectly good. I am selling to pay rent because a client of mine didn’t pay me as promised. I will include pics when I get back from work.

I am located in ANDERSON, SC. Hope for a local sale, but will talk shipping.


Edit: Number removed, please send DM for questions.


don’t involve your contact details publicly. remove it and say send me a dm


@mmaner can you please remove the phone number on OP?


Just some help here. Your board is likely worth about $500 - $600 dollars on this forum unfortunately. Also a picture or two are both super helpful and required to sell.


Try cross-posting in the discord and on reddit.

I would be willing to buy it for 550 + shipping

I’ll do $551


That doesn’t help at all. I’d rather wait to see if anyone is interested and lower the price than to have you start a lowball auction.


LOL we’re just messing with you. But seriously, not many of us on this forum would pay what you would like to get. I think you’ll have a better chance on Facebooks groups where there are non builders. Best of luck


Ruined all my fun. he was just about to get 30 pizzas. Seriously as stated reddit dude.

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I can do 650 but not for long so it would be great if you could answer quick

i want to buy this please message me

I am wondering if this is still for sale. If so, I would offer $500 for it.

I like how everyone openly hates boosted (like android fanboys hate apple) but secretly always want one

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