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heatsink that esc

that metal square bit of rear enclosure is heatsink

I’m really interested in this - I just bought a Loaded Poke and am looking to do a very similar build - what is the range that you can get from a 10s2p with LG HG2s?

I am thinking of the same or 10s3p with HG2 or 30Q, running a single 6374 190kv motor, but wondering which side of the trade off between weight/size and range I should go down. Any thoughts are welcome!

Range is about 9km in my area (a lot of up and down hills) using 10S2P Samsung 22P batteries. I had another esk8 with single 6374 build. The weight was quite similar vs dual 5060 build. I prefer the dual 5060 because it has better traction, better brakes and I could go over the grass easier. Single 6374 on the other hand, gave me a better range on a same battery setup.

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I know its been a while but i’ve been interested in getting a poke, so how is the deck itself holding up? any complaints? anything you like? thanks bud!

Hi sunnyD, thanks for the reply. Yep it’s holding up pretty well. I believe this board now has at least 200km+ mileage. The only part I’ve been replaced was a set of bearing and motor-phase wire connector. Otherwise, I haven’t any issue. I will post a follow-updates post soon.


sweet man thanks for the update!

Can you please tell me more about what you had to do to put the kegels on that kit

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was wondering the same!

It’s on the updated post #2. I used Evolve pulley which is different from the kegel kit from DIYelectricskateboard. You basically use the hack-saw and cut some of the rear truck to increase the width of 8mm axle.

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I’m thinking about getting the poke for my build. I was just curious about wheel bite. I want to do 97mm or 107mm wheels on it. Is it possible to do it on the poke? Or will I need some big risers

Nice build! I also really like your quad.

Hey I was going to message you outside this thread but I am new and I am struggling to figure out how.

I am trying to build my own electric longboard, and I had decided on the poke deck before having even seen this. I am consequently trying to use yours as a guide.

I understand the general build, thanks to your post. But I am a total greenhorn at this, and as a new electric skateboard builder, many petty details remain unclear.

What is the difference between a ESC/VESC? also, many of the prices you list appear to be wrong/no longer correct. Also, you don’t list any remote, which is something I am unsure about. Moreover, you list materials like the water-resistant foam, the shock pads, yet Im not sure how you use them. Also- can you speak more to the dremeling of the truck?

Does this deck flex ? If so how much ?

It does flex abit but very rigid (not flexible) compared to Loaded vanguard deck.

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Hey I’m looking to use the loaded Poke for a build as well. I want to put 85mm Caguama’s on it. Will that work with the poke deck? Will I need to get risers for it?

sorry for the soooo late reply, I rarely visit this website here. You bascially need to use dremel or saw to cut off the aluminium block part of the rear truck to make the axle longer (so there’s enough room for evolve’s kegel pulley to go in).

Really depends on your weight and the bushing setup but you may need a riser as I am using a 6mm soft riser for 80mm kegel and have about 3~4mm clearance when I try to turn sharp.

I think there’s a lot of discussion posts regarding the difference between ESC/VESC. I used ESC above because I’ve already tried using VESC before and just wanted to try something different. Price may no longer be correct because it’s been more than a year. Lastly, you just need to dremel the aluminium block of the truck. Pretty much cut it off except the axle part where the pulley/wheel sits in. Cutting width was easy because cutting point was exactly where the motor mounts starts to sit on the truck. Thanks