Boosted Stealth Battery Pack Hack(?)

Recently bought a “salvage” Boosted Board Stealth (for the deck initially)

After rejoining the balance wires (cut/separated in accident) I’m wondering if it’s possible to use the Boosted Battery Pack for a DIY build?15623031494883391873246970412425

Now I’ve got everything reconnected I’m wondering why the pack isn’t turning on?

As you can see in the photo there’s a couple LED’s by the debug /program contacts (?). Through the process of reconnecting balance wires they’ve been on, off or blinking/fading

Any advice would be greatly appreciated :blush:

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Bms might be bad. You could tear it all apart and harvest the cells, which is not too easy to do. If you pass on that pack I’ll give it a try for $50 for that pack.

Give it a try??

Just get rid of the boosted’s proprietary bms and get a d140

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