Boosted V1 5055 VESC Battery Upgrade

So I was able to cop a Boosted V1 without the motors and ESC for about 100$. Again, just to be clear, it will come with everything except Motors and ESC. It comes with the SR battery but without a BMS, deck, trucks, wheels, motor mounts, wheel pulleys, ESC case etc.

I have a few questions about this:

  1. Can I purchase two 5045/5055 motors separately and mount them onto the mounts that are already on the board?
  2. Will a VESC 4.2 fit in the Boosted ESC case?
  3. The Boosted Battery SR that I am getting has no BMS and has a few cells “damaged” according to the owner. Is it worth fixing it or should I just get a new 10s3p / 12s3p 30q pack from someone here?

Sorry for the long post, but this will be my first DIY and I’m still in school so wanna finish is as cheap as possible. Thanks!