Boosted V2 Dual + DIY Extended battery build HELP

Wanting to modify my new boosted board v2 dual plus,

Looking into making a battery pack wondering how I should go about this, watched alot of youtube videos seen here and wondering what batteries to buy, voltage, amount of batteries, enclosures etc, any knowledge is much appreciated!

here is what ive seen online before

This guy wants 150$ for his battery pack, wondering about just building my own… also appears all these boards are v1’s wondering if V2’s are different…

many swappable here

v2 modded here by portable electric vehicle


I wouldn’t do it for three reasons.

  • You might void your warranty and that wouldn’t be good considering all the weird issues the V2 had and still has.

  • An official extended battery is coming anyway.

  • Making a battery is risky business. Mounting a powerful battery completed exposed like this is very dangerous. Not worth the risk.


Sell it with your warranty still intact and build a better one if you want more range :wink:

@Pantologist Doesn’t the Boosted use Lifepo4 batteries? If so then this mod is also mixing different chemistries with totally different voltage values.


Boosted has a 12s1p Lifepo4 yes. People said fully charged it outputs around 40.7v. I think the cells have 3.2v nominal voltage. I think people use 18650 cells and charge them up to a similar voltage, around 40.5-40.7v. Then they power on the board and connect the extra packs in parallel with the stock battery.

I was thinking about building 2 custom packs for my BB v2 as well but Q4 should be when the extended range battery is released. Since it takes 1 minute to replace one with the other, an extended range on the board plus a standard battery in your backpack should give you 18 miles of range… that should be enough I think.

Have you ever done it in a minute?

Taking it off from factory installation was easy, putting in back was another story because I kept pinching the wire.

Taking the standard one out is easy but you are right, mounting the extended range one will indeed take a while :joy: