BoostedSlipstream, Singel wheel drive. First build. With pictures

How do i delete posts ? :confused: Doing a new one

x2 7S? I’m assuming that you would put it in parallel… interesting choice but whatever works for you.

Either that or just one separate extra battery. I just saw the good price, dont have any idea of whats good or bad really. You have any suggestion?

I pretty much just looked thru Hobbyking and chose random stuff witch looked good from my noob view. Just realized the charger does not even charge 7s batteries. So im more then happey to get suggestions about everything :slight_smile: Probably going to order stuff tomorrow.

I would say that you should do 6s system. Buy 2x6s 5000mah and wire them in parralel. And don’t buy quanum. Gtb2 is the best.

Search “commonly used parts” and tou see what people normally uses.

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Ah i see, thanks a lot!

what @Tuomalar said is really good advice for you

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