Bootloader and Software for VESC | Win or Ubuntu?

Hello, I have one more question about the VESC. In the tutorial they say I need fresh Ubuntu. Is it not possible to do it with an Windows PC? (Maybe VMWare/Virtual Box and Ubuntu)

If not I will setup an old laptop with Ubuntu. … But I already have a computer with these one:

Is it possible with that one? (Win or Ubuntu?) And how to connect?

And (sry for so many questions), can I really only do copy paste in the terminal?

Thanks Guys!

PS: I am afraid of that Linux things (cd mkdir…), for me it’s a travel back in time… Why do someone use it… I mean that not bad …respect for those who can :wink:… I tried to work with an raspberry but it was horrible, even to set up an wlan with dhcp ips and so on.