Born of the Trampli

Hi everyone,

I would like to share my story with you, because your story helped me a lot and was lot of fun to read them. At first, this will be my first build, so every suggestion is welcome. I am open to discuss everything. The board will be a Trampa street carver. I’ve ordered every part, they are on the way, but I gave up to count how much I spent, maybe later I will collect all the items from the mails, but it would just hurt my feelings. At the beginning, I, as everyone else just wanted to buy a cheap-ass board, but they just suck, so decided, lets build one it will be cheaper and better than if you would buy one. But you wont count the cable in 4 different awg and 2 color, the kapton tape, the heat shrink, the xt90s, the hours you searching items for hours in the hardware store… watching videos for hours… and reading this forum for days… But lets not waste any time for the that… Every good diy build starts with the battery, because this is the best way you can spare 100 bucks you think. Every build has to have a battery and you can sell them easily if it is new. But you cannot start the battery without the spot welder. So every good diy build starts with the spot welder, if you don’t have one. The spot welder: Arduino controlled, micro wave transformer with copper contacts and a switch:




Yes the box is a drawer, I found it on the street. I want to cut it shorter in the future. The hardest part was for me to get the copper electrodes. At the and I found in a little store a solid copper rod and saw it to this shape:


The switch is just a one state light switch, but you can put it 2 place. On the floor and you can step on it, or in the middle of the box and you have to lift up the electrodes to make it weld:


And in action:

I will update you once the heat shrink arrived and I can finish the battery.


I did the same with my recent build in the end I decided against working it all out, good luck with the build :slight_smile:

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Building something very very similar right now.

I was fortunate to find a microwave that needed chucking away today

Just need to figure out the wiring and such. Ardino controlled was the plan but I need to know what to buy before I start :grin:

Arduino is really easy and quite cheap, if you choose a fake one. Just noticed there is a lot of wire on my build, but I only use a few of them. I would recommend the FT232 5V version. It works great.

And the relay: Plus cable and resistors. I power it with my computer and I can change the pulse time there too. I already bought an lcd plus potentiometer, and 5v power source to make it compact, but for now it just works.

I need your help :slight_smile: I will update the battery build later, I have no time now, but first I have a question. I assembled an antispark switch ordered from: It looks like a normal vedder style switch. Is it normal, if there is voltage when it is turned off? and the led is not off rather dimmed. Or I messed up something?

IMG_20180902_200605_HHTIMG_20180902_200618_HHT IMG_20180902_201327_HHT

You need to have a load to “bleed” it out. It’s normal. Leav it alone for a while amd it will go down.

Oh thanks, the voltage was bigger yesterday and now it is already below 1V so you have to be right :slight_smile:

Add an esc and it will go down faster :slight_smile:

Sorry, I don’t really have time to write, because the building is in progress. But let the pictures tell the story IMG_20180804_164827IMG_20180813_192311IMG_20180805_183343IMG_20180813_192402_HDRIMG_20180805_183335IMG_20180813_192346_HDRIMG_20180824_215616_HHTIMG_20180824_215623_HHTIMG_20180824_215610_HHTIMG_20180824_215626_HHTIMG_20180825_205244IMG_20180825_205253IMG_20180825_205302IMG_20180825_205331IMG_20180825_205249IMG_20180825_205255IMG_20180901_121357IMG_20180825_205511IMG_20180901_121401IMG_20180901_122826IMG_20180901_121406IMG_20180901_122642IMG_20180901_124409IMG_20180901_124421IMG_20180901_161236IMG_20180901_162622IMG_20180901_124403IMG_20180901_124417IMG_20180901_162637IMG_20180901_162911IMG_20180901_182936IMG_20180901_182941IMG_20180901_183901IMG_20180901_183211IMG_20180901_183905IMG_20180901_183126IMG_20180907_230144_HHTIMG_20180901_224848IMG_20180901_224828IMG_20180901_224831 Unfortunately I got a 12s charger, so I cannot test if I can charge it, but luckily it is not blocking the process.

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