Boss level custom spot welder

I just got a couple days ago a custom spot welder. It has tons of potential so i want to share this info with the community. I live in a small house, we are swimming on electric and painting stuff so i can’t afford to have big machines. I looked for small custom spot welders on the net: microwave, car battery, supercapacitors… all of them too big or not what i was aiming for. Then i found this welder. It’s not a new device, was created time ago, since it is interesting many guys tried to buy it and the creator sold a few in his area but refused for a long time to ship overseas, i guess it’s looong time consuming for a low profit. People insisted so recently he opened his hands to the world and i managed to get one for me. I’ll make a small review.

It’s made out of arduino custom shields. The creator is a korean genius named Aulakiria. He did many prototypes, ac powered…dremel size…this is the final item. It’s powered by a 3s lipo, YES! lipo hates being shorted but he managed to limit the short to 16ms so no damage at all. The size is minimal 4x3x8 cm. This is how i got it. The module, a pen, a momentary switch for manual use and a hakko solder iron (It solders as well) The shipping was incredibly fast 7 days from korea. He sent me as a courtesy some nickel strips and the matching xt90 connector for the lipo. everything fits inside this small box. PERFECT! my dream size. All you need is a 3s lipo to use it. Just solder the xt90 and you are done. Aulakiria recommends top lipos, above 40c. It will work with whatever you have but the better the lipo the better the welds. He even did the demos with crappy b grade 25c to prove it. It has top quality IFR1404 mosfet manufactured in Korea and Taiwan. He recommends to keep the mosfet under 50º celsius. The shield has a port for a 5v fan. The left side is negative and the right side is positive. I installed a fan but totally failed. The temperature was always high, the welder stops automatically to avoid damage. So annoying! My country is VERY HOT these days.

Well…maybe not that hot but very hot anyway so i installed some heat sinks on the plate.

and two 12 volt fans.The temperature never goes above 30º celsius now. In normal conditions any 5v will do a perfect performance. If you have a soft weather there’s no need to mod. I did a small video to show the performance:

To use the hakko solder you need a power supply 12-35v. 19+prefered. Any laptop power supply will do. This is Aulakiria himself using the iron: translated the menu so we can read it. It’s easy to play. The welding times are usually: for nickel strips 0.1 1.4ms 0.15 4ms 0.20 7ms The machine is copper welding capable but requires the use of 4s lipo. The use of copper for skateboards packs is unnecessary and the intense use of 4s lipo may damage the machine. The use of 3s only is advised as 4s may be dangerous for both machine and yourself. copper times are: 0.1 5-6 ms x2 0.2 10-12 ms x4

when the A is blinking is ready to weld in the waiting time you set. When manual setting selected it will weld when you press the button. I plan to install a pedal. DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Aulakiria. THIS IS NOT A SALES THREAD. And i have no profit nor gain with this, i just think it’s a nice thing and i am sharing it with you. If you are interested on buying one just mail him saying you want one here [email protected] that’s his paypal account as well. If you mail him be brief and use only perfect academic understandable english. Something google translator can deal with. The prices are : basic set : usd $ 80 Hakko T12 soldering iron Handle & Tip : usd $15 (option) full set : usd $95 Paypal fees 3.5%, Usd-krw Exchange fees 3%…It is double charged so please consider the option send money to family/friend thank you shipping method

  1. Global RR (KOREA post registered airmail) : $15 (20~40 business days)
  2. Global EMS fee : $25 (10~15 business days) more info here:

Really cool. Thanks for posting, I just sent him payment.

Welder looks very nice. Also a bonus is to use lipo to make it that small and portable

I guess most of us have a lipo charger and some 3s brick around. They are dirt cheap anyway :grin:

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Very good find.

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I did a small soldering test. The iron works fine :blush:


Could you make a spot welding video aswell?

The one You mansion are “Not suitable for pure nickel strip” …

I already did. Not welding a pack but doing some testing. Check the first post. Also check aulakiria ’ s blog at the end of the first post. He did many videos. Eventually I’ll make a pack and tape it

Warman I AM NOT selling this thing. I don’t care if you buy it or not. I just think it is very good and I share my experience.

I’m not knocking it neither Bro,want to know how well it welds a video would be good.

I think it does fine spot welds. I did a test video.

Also he did many testing videos


Not bad at all. Might have to buy one for testing :slight_smile:

I did a small video to show how to use it. Navigation menu explained here


Maybe a GB.


This is sick! So small and portable!!!

What is a gb?

Yes. It had to be small. It is A MUST for me because I live in a small house. This size is perfect for me.

yeah i’m probably going to need this along with a handful of 3S packs and a multi-charger.

The slightly modded sunkko 788H i’m using does the job but i want a wand and i don’t want to pay a grand for it. And yeah, i had to put it on its own 30 amp circuit direct from the breaker box.

Not as ghetto as my spot welder! :smiley: