Boss level custom spot welder

Sand what u said??

thanks, i use pure nickel but after 30/40 spots i have some spark and then hole in strips. You keep a “rounded” shape ?

Holes should never happen. That’s dangerous. It is easy to fail when welding the positive button. If one of the points is on thin air you got a guaranteed hole. They must be well centered within the circle. Also bad pressure can lead to a hole. The strips must be perfect flat. If they are bent, part of the metal can have a gap and hence the hole. The tips tend to lose the round shape no matter what. It is ok if they are slightly sharp.

When you superimpose the strips of nikkel (see the image below), the problem is that we can have bands not perfectly in contact because the one below is already welded to the battery. … but hey I feel that it’s more related to the shape of my pins because I had the problem at the end of my pack and not at all at the beginning … I will put pictures tonight.

I keep some steel wool around to polish my tips…(make sure to turn off the welder if your using steel wool) lol.

But really I’ve done hundreds of welds in a row without polishing the tips… They last longer when you weld from the side vs straight down.


i was getting inconsistent weld spots between the two probes too, was blaming the uneven wear on the tips, but turns out i wasn’t giving it enough amps.

got a 7Ah 60c gens ace lipo pack and thought it’d be enough. but wasn’t happy with the inconsistent welds. so for science last night paralleled a 3s12p liion pack and now it’s welding perfectly sized spots across the two probes.

i should have taken you all serious when you said max amperage in the beginning.


Li ion? I think you are the first to prove it is doable. 12p is really something :wink: High five bro.

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but it’s paralleled with a 7Ah 60c lipo.

i built the 3s12p liion pack (25r cells) initially to use on the spot welder but it sucked.

so replaced it with a high discharge lipo pack, but i felt it still wasn’t delivering enough.

so added the 3s12p liion pack in parallel to provide even more amperage.

now i’m really happy with the performance with the two packs connected in parallel.

Ok so it is lipo+li ion

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it’s wrapped in sugru now, that pic taken right after it was put together

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Thank God. You scared me there for a sec


yea it took a few tries to get that parallel connector and was super excited to try it.

but yea there all kinds of nickel shards and discarded wire so if any of that got in there it would have been explosive.

What thickness of nickel were you trying to weld if 7Ah of 60C lipo wasn’t giving you good enough welds?


im pretty sure the 60c rating is way overstated even though the brand seems to be well respected

Yikes, and here I am trying (and failing) to weld .2 with 5Ah 50C Gens Ace

may need to double up that battery in parallel

I’m just gonna return it and order a decent lipo off hobby king, Aulakiria got himself decent welds on .2 with only 5Ah of 25C B grade lipo

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This is the battery I’m planning to use. Can somebody please tell me i did good? There’s no reason this won’t do the trick is there?

on paper that should suffice.

it took hk 20 days to deliver my lipos so got pissed and ordered the gens ace from amazon.

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