Boss level spot welder (sold)

I have a completely brand new, never used spot welder bought from @aulakiria from South Korea. Info from this thread.

PM with offers.

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Do you have the solder gun with it too?

Yes, got the full package.

Decided for traveling purposes it would be easier to use the NESE Modules so no spot welding required, :smile:

What are asking for it?

Well the set was $95 and shipping was $29 (up from $25) plus like $7 for PayPal fees, that’s like $131. I was thinking $120 shipped.

Done. What is your PayPal email?

Amazing spot welder.

Nese modules are nice but they take too much space compared with spot welded batteries

Yes there a bit wider in length and about 5mm more width, but that hardly is enough to discourage me from using them if I able to make any sized battery with them and can travel with that as well.

So, did you sell it?

The spot welder, yes. Have 6 of the 2s4p NESE models on the way so no spot welding necessary and can travel no problem :wink: