(BOUGHT)WTB 50MM motors <200kv (BOUGHT)

Wanted to buy/trade for a pair of new or used 50mm motors to be used with 10s or 12s so preferably less than 200kv. Good condition is preferred and no sensors necessary. I will also have a pair of 270kv 5065 DIYEboard motors to trade or sell as they will not work well with 10/12s and come with the kit I ordered without researching first. Thank you in advance.

How’s the quality of the DIY eboard stuff? Are the motors used?

They will work well with the kit the way it comes. Their ESC runs FOC mode which doesn’t have ERPM limit like VESC. Only if you are planning to use VESC instead of the ESC included in the kit you’ll need lower KV motors. I heard good things about these motors when used as the kit. Which part of the kit are you planning to keep?

Wasn’t planning on using the kit. Was going to get a single motor, pair it with vesc, and 6s4p battery.

haha sorry I was replying to the OP. yeah, your plan sounds good. and I like DIYeboard stuff in general. Good value if you know what you’re getting. Their motors and ESC are very good in my experience.

I got the kit with trucks, mounts, wheels, and motors. I still haven’t even received this yet (next week), however the motors will not be used.

Would you be willing to sell one of the motors?

Sure, but I can’t in good faith recommend using a single 50mm motor even with low gearing unless you don’t ever plan on riding up a wheelchair ramp or you weigh 50lbs.

@ATLesk8 why do you say that? I’m using a single 5065 260kv on 6S 15/36 gearing, it only ever gets warm to the touch and I’m 160 pounds.

Let me ride that thing once around here and it wouldn’t make it up 75% of the hills we encounter riding daily…i weigh about 180 right now with my winter weight

I know because my single 6374 with 16/36 gearing 15mm belt with 10s would barely do it on anything bigger than 90mm wheels

I don’t want to hijack your thread any further but have you seen what @chaka went up with a single 5065?

yeah i’m sure thats a 6s setup

I plan on having a 6s4p battery paired with a 50mm motor. Not too many hills here in Chicago anyways.

50mm motors are fine for most purposes if gearing is setup appropriately. Look at evolve for example

I never said not to use 50mm …just to use two

That’s not necessarily true. Lots of people here use single 50mm motors and have no issues with them. It all really depends where you live and the size of the hills

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I live in the flats and run a single 5065, works great, no problems. The Evolve One uses a single 5065.

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I think it was 12s 170kv. In general, if good ratios are used you can get amazing performance from 50mm motors but it is like a light weight sports car, tuned to the edge of the limits to stay light weight. They will get hot if you try turning a tall ratio on a single drive.

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Ended up getting two 5065 140kv motors on ebay.