[BOUGHT][WTB][EU] ABEC11 107mm superfly wheels

As title says, I’m looking to buy ABEC11 107mm wheels. I’m located in Slovakia.

I have them in stock

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I will wait is someone is selling second hand ones, if not I will order from the store.

They look cool… I want to ask you, what is the maximum diameter of these non-air filled wheels… thinking of a comfortable ride ?

It’s called urathane, and the biggest available urathane wheels out rn are the TB 110

Thx man, I am asking for the comfort side of the issue… For the polyurethane wheels, after what size you say “ok thats not comfy anymore, I should go with the air filled wheels” :slight_smile: Is that 110mm size (75-80 A I guess) ok for longboard rides ?

110’s are urathane, it’s 78a

Longboarders dont use massive wheels.

Bigger urathane = more comfy

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Aren’t the Urathane and Polyurethane used for defining the same material for the wheels in esk8 world ?

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Yeah urathane is shortened for polyurethane


what @AlanZhou said

also known as PU or thane

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if you compare TB110 and abec107, i’d go for abec107. the only reason being they’re softer and they have a better quality urethane formula. (at least in my opinion)

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Hey, I’m currently selling one set of 107mm ABEC11 flywheels in green on Ebay Kleinanzeigen. If you re interested please contact me! :slight_smile: I have also Pulleys and a dual motor mount from Unikboards Verkauf ich gerade bei #eBayKleinanzeigen. Wie findest du das?


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I already bought the wheels, but thank you for the offer, I appreciate it.