Bourgogne-Board | Arbor Axis 40" | BERGMEISTER AT Wheels | Supercarve GT truck | 5065 140kV | Dual FSESC4.20 | 10s 5Ah | GT2B 3D print

Hey e-Rider,

So, I got some stuff laying around from my move to my natal city :hugs: , in Burgundy (Bourgogne for the amateur, yes Chablis, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Beaujolais etc.) :yum:

Then, they are some parts that I want to reuse with some new one! Here I just want a cool little all road cruiser :relaxed: I will remake an e-MTB to go shredding the vineyard, so this build should be more compact, but as fun and maybe even lightweight and somehow easy to use without binding and top-deck enclosure.

  • The Deck :

I come out my old deck to put it forward again! The SWE : Custom deck 7 wood plies + 2 CF + around 10 FG and CF layers for the integrated enclosure.

Edit :

Arbor Axis koa 40"

  • The wheels :

Brand new Bergmeister All-terrain pneumatic (precision CNC milled three-spoke hubs in mat grey/black finish … beautiful :heart_eyes: ) by Haggyboard. The tires is 145mm diameter (and 46/47mm widest), and the rims come with a 22mm bearing seat that can fit all standard longboard/skateboard trucks with 8mm or 10mm axles!

  • The trucks :

Supercarve … Because I would profit to test my mount (would love the Kahua trucks,… but also got the TB218 still laying somewhere around that should be a lot better).

  • The motor mounts :

Custom for Evolve Supercarve GT trucks, made from 5mm AL7075, for the front. Reversible in every directly (rotation and mirror), 50 and 63mm motors (made for the MAD SURFER AWD setup), and with a dual idler or reinforcement bars.

And standard Evolve one for the rear :

  • The Drivers :

DIY ISO 06B chain kit 9 x 26T.

I make a centered master from 3D print, to help me drill the sprocket approximatively well centered (only 3 holes to do ^^ … x4!).

Then I made a spacer with a bearing seat :

  • Motors :

My fav since more a year, Overion 6374 130kV from the old Darth Vapor. Never failed, robust, always tonnes of torque. But thinking more about this it could be 5065 again for lightweight.

Edit :

Finally, I go 5065, cause I will be an AWD :

  • ESCs :

Dual FSESC4.20 from the Mad Surfer… (perfect for my deck and it will force me cruising as I got a small battery).

Edit :

For the quattro and this little motor low kV I choose the classic VESC 4.12 :

[ insert photo]

  • Battery pack :

10s 5Ah 20c slim pack (5 x2s), same as the original SWE setup (one day I would like to make a 10s 3p VTC6 pack if it feels good).

Edit :

I will try this sweet little beat under 12s with the vesc ,… I don’t charge more than 50v and with the 140kV 30Amps batt max it should be fine … I hope :blush: So Lipo pack 12s 10Ah 40C ((3x4s)x2)

[ insert photo]

  • Remote :

GT2B as usual (since my 1st build, and on almost every setup I have made for me), MadMonkey mod with ch. 3 made by Pimousse.

  • Modules :

Metr.Pro PCB antenna, the best friends of my phone now I didn’t get any issue with it (my phone!).

  • Enclosure :

to follow …

Summary list of parts :

I will keep editing :wink:

Enjoy & Ride Safe :v:


Now THAT is a dangerous picture if I’ve ever seen one. Build looks amazing so far, I always wanted to see you use that deck!


i know the lighter is just for a scale reference but i felt restless too lol. That build will rock @Riako

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Thanks guys ! Hope I understand you well, but yes, I should not have banana available at the time :smile:

Yes, be sure that me too ! :blush: the test that I had done last year was very brief, my deck + hub motors,… it was not the perfect combination at all (vibration, plus effect crate reasoning). Plus I never really finish it yet: I got some more send to make, paint, varnish, grip design, finish the top cover plate, the locking system, maybe an easy access to the switch etc… :sweat_smile: it looks like I got some more work to do!


Hey e-riders !

Ok, so, after starting to collect the pieces, and putting them together : Evolve mount

Custom mount

I now remember well why I test it just a short time - I couldn’t protect and/or fix my lipo inside!

The lipo is at the right dimension (see last photo). But it is doable, it is editable with a bit more work … ok, a looooot more :smile: I have to add around 3 layers of wood on top and repeat all the step that I did last year to get access inside again. Plus I don’t really know how I will pack the inside for the vacuum … short, I’m a bit disappointed atm :disappointed_relieved:

Sound boring AF. RIP SWE ! I prefer to start a new one I guess, more exciting !! During this time, back with the cool and beautiful Arbor AXIS.

Plus, it will be even more fun, as I’m not cramped inside the SWE deck, I will upgrade my 4.20 for 4.12 :grin: Maybe also 12s instead of 10s … and maybe more Ah too.



Hey e-riders !

During the time the new deck with integrated enclosure will take to make… (it could be long with me hahaha) … I will make this build with the Arbor deck again, the Axis Koa one :stuck_out_tongue: (same as the one used at the end of the MAD SURFER) : So it could the brother of the HagXis Board :grin: (with the same deck but in the bamboo finish, and with the street setup). hihihi so cool ! So perfect :hugs:

Also, I received my sprockets !!! Finally !

Time to priint & driiill :v:


Can’t wait to see how the Bergmeisters perform on your chain driven rocket. Besides my old bike I have never run chains. How is the noise compared to belts?

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Just my POV, from my experiences … Its noisy (at speed), you can make yourself heard with ahah, quiet at low speed (between walkers or cyclist, but still not as belt), but I really like it. Simple, strong, efficient,…

Sorry, not the best video with the background music …

I have started with a belt on my 1st esk8, then my second was an emtb with chain (very small one H25, then I upgrade for the iso5 kit from etoxx, but I still have some derailed issue when the chain come a bit lose). Now I have ridden those big chains (iso 06B) since summer 2017 and I so happy with the kit from Overion :

I have really really good freewheel with it, never derailed, never stuck, never fail, that I will try to make mine here with the Bergmeister for my AT ride (during the time to finish the GD) :blush:

I don’t know if the same diameter size here will work with this big chain, but I want to give a test :stuck_out_tongue: Science…?!

EDIT : rough video :laughing: I called it the sulfateuse !

bldc + chains too tight + full throttle doesn’t help too ^^


Ok so, to fill the wait during the rescue/rebuild of my fkn printer :grimacing:

Some more pics of the new brother and sister :relaxed: :

it looks like this transmission will also, perhaps, be compatible with the standard Evolve mounts!

I have also received the future wheel gear in Nylon, for the GD, photo tomorrow :wink: Then I will send them back to a machinist! The mini one looks cool, but I will go with the 63mm compatible (on the right, who also accept 50mm motors).

And I have started to draw the new integrated deck … so exciting all these news projects!!!


Nice one. Couldn’t the motor sprocket be flipped? To lessen bearing stress

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HA, thanks for your highlight here Roman :wink: Yes, just hope that the axle is long enough to could use the scrub-screw. I have a huge space between the mount and the wheel, this way allow me to center them and maybe enclose them after … But I will make the test :+1: I made this blank assembly just to see if it fit the Evolve mount (if not I have to make 2 new motor mount ASAP…).



I think I got something from my printer :muscle: :relaxed: finally !..

So I have uploaded the file if some want to make a try :

Drilling sooooon!


What an awesome contribution @riako . Really cool!


:relaxed: thx Timo! But its all because of you, and your amazing parts! hehe

I have made the spacer/adapter to hold rims and sprocket together (who integrate a bearing):


Hey e-riders !

the holes are done! Well, I made a dual kit for now … the same to do once again :sweat_smile: :

The centering drilling helper works fine, for sure that’s not of the greatest precision or CNC work, but it does the job : After the 1st drill, put a screw in place (to ensure the blocking rotation around the centering axis) You could also repeat it for the second hole/drill Done! 3 others to do :smile:

Here is the Bergmeister spacer adapter for the wheel sprocket, with an integrated bearing seat. It looks fine too : Here it is SurfRodz bearing for the test on the Supercarve truck… Then I have to drill the motor sprocket with an m4 threaded.

To be continued … :v:



Remainds me of the Predator Banshee; good for implementing some mounting brackets. :+1:


…like mine…



…or like these…




Sikk!! Are those extensions for sale?

I have a TB Freeflow that could use a set


Love this one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It will be perfect if I have a 18650 pack I guess, but here I’m too narrow to could use it…

I will think about it during the R&D of my next custom deck :+1: I would see that with the drop setting!! (Maybe even at the rear only)

This WE I tried to set the all thing together … but,… I don’t have the right screw in stock (M5x55, I’ll have them soon), just a few mm missing :

More waiting …