Box of stuff sale

Location: 91320, California

Price is plus shipping

In guessing at these prices. Trying to move this stuff out

I will be making alcohol until this evening. I’ll do my best to respond.

75$ Yuneec E-Go drive train complete: SOLD all the correct hardware included, belt size is 235, spares available, see below

25$ Evolve Enclosure with RGB and damage assessment friendly Window.SOLD more pics in comment

15$ each set Caliber 2 regular size trucks (10" nut2nut)SOLDSOLD

5$ a pair: The absolute weirdest size belts. 275x9mm and the rest are 15mm wide 200,SOLD,245,255,300

2$ each, beat up HTD5M 13T pulley / and assorted XL pulleys, basically unuseable therefore free or trashSOLD

$10 12mm wide, 40T pulley for ABEC, Aluminumumuuiom

25 for everything assorted Electronics or make an offer on individuals, PCB is an antispark, never used. rest is usedSOLDSOLDSOLDSOLDSOLD


If you dont mind my asking, what is included in the electronics picture? It looks like the antispark on/off switch, wiring and are those lights to the right of the switch?

1: light bar 12 v, white , “to be seen” not to see

2: push latch switch with LED (unknown color)

3: Red lights 12v

4 antispark with 12v aux connection

5: 13 S BMS

everyhthing sold except the clamp , and some belts and pulley

Hi All - I am looking for someone who can repair a Yuneec E-Go board on Los Angeles. Happy to pay for your expertise to bring this board back to life. I have two handheld controllers and two VESC’s. The board was used twice and then sat for several years. Thanks, Chuck -

If it sat around that long, you may need just a battery. go to other forum you might find someone to help you there, a lot of people went there.

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I second the esk8 forum thing.

I have the same username there. Just @ me somewhere