Brakes failing at high speeds

Hi all, hoping to get some help with my brakes

Setup - Enertion dual motor kit with VESC and PRO4 battery pack

My problem comes when I am braking at high speeds. The breaks completely shut off for about 2-3 seconds and the board wont respond to any input. Braking at low speeds seems to be fine.

I’m wondering if this can be a simple fix in my VESC settings? brake limit cut-off or something?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

What’s high speeds? 25mph 35Mph?

does the vesc reset when this occurs?

prob too much stress on vesc.

  1. u can increase abs current
  2. increase regen current
  3. increase gear ratio
  4. make sure vesc is cool with air flow
  5. get lower kv motor

Post screen shots of your Vesc settings so we can have a look.

if you run it in FOC, disable that. doesnt run well on all VESCs out there. mine fails especialy with breaking.

Make sure you don’t limit your erpm with negative torque.

Here are my VESC settings. Seems pretty standard from what i’ve been searching.

Does anything on here jump out?

The problem is you changed the maximum input voltage, put it back to 57V and your brakes will work all the time.


I don’t think its the VESCs overheating. It happens immediately when starting the board cold. For example… (Turn on board, run motors, hit breaks… the breaks cut out even when not standing on the board)

Thanks, I’ll try this


Further explanation is that when you brake there is a voltage spike due to the motor generating power when braking, this triggers the VESCs protection and forces it to reset that explains the 2-3 seconds which the VESC does not respond to any input because it is going through a power cycle. After it boots up it works until you brake again.

EDIT: this does not happen at low speeds mostly due to the voltage not crossing the threshold for the VESC to reboot.


That’s it exactly. Simple fix. It looks like I’m up and running again.

Thanks friend!


No worries.

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Hey I was setting up a couple vescs the other day…and I was thinking; is there ever a reason to change max input voltage? I couldn’t think of one.

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I dont think there is, at least for esk8 applications. Maybe it is there so that if someone wants to push the limits they can increase it or something.

I have never encountered a situation where I had to change it