Brakes stopped responding - over voltage fault

My skateboard has been working just fine for hundreds of miles. Yesterday, I dropped a metal tool on the BMS and shorted the battery’s fuse. After replacing the fuse, I went for a ride today. The brakes no longer respond. Acceleration is fine. I connected the VESC to the BLDC Tool and found an over voltage fault in Real Time Data.

Could this be a direct result of the short or is this a coincidence? Thank you!

I would replace the BMS even if it wasnt having issues considering the high current short, I wouldn’t trust it with my life


I see. Wouldn’t the battery’s fuse have prevented damage to the BMS? I plan on replacing the VESCs tomorrow to see if they were damaged by the short since the system doesn’t have a fuse to protect them. If the problem doesn’t change with new VESCs, then you’re probably right. The BMS must be the source. An expensive lesson. Damnit. :sob: But a lesson, nevertheless :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for your thoughts.

In this case the fuse protected the battery since the incident was on the bms, if the incident was with the battery the fuse would’ve protected the bms


Depending on your battery size, I’m pretty sure I have a spare Supower 10S 60A BMS laying around somewhere if you’re looking and don’t want to wait shipping time.

But… If you’re the guy with the onewheel that passes by my work on a weekly basis and doesn’t stop when I yell at you… fuck you… lol. :wink:


So YOU’RE the guy catcalling me on the way to work?? WTF dude! I’m kidding. I’m not the One Wheel guy. haha. Gonna see if the VESC swap changes the skateboard’s behavior. Thanks for offering though. Whatever happened to the Meet Up? I heard there was an esk8 meet up in Portland. Can’t find it when I search the app.


Makes sense. The BMS was ground zero. Batteries were safe in a bunker. Shit.

I’m not sure about that one MeetUp group. Its dead for sure though. Me and a few other guys go riding when we can all time it right. I ride every day. So if you ever just wanna go let me know. Or join here

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