BRAND NEW 12s4p battery with bms, LCD, anti spark switch, charger (Europe)

Hey, I have bought this battery brand new, but atm I do not have a use for it, it is made from 48 25R cells in 12s 4p configuration. It has a 60A fuse and a 80A bms. I will include a 2A charger with EU plug. The only thing done to it was removal of the heat shrink. I’m looking for about 350e for it, BUT i want it gone fast, if you have a price offer for me, please PM me, I’m willing to negotiations. The battery is In Lithuania, shipping in EU would be 20-30e

I think this might be a bit bulky for esk8 unless used for a mtb, I would try an ebike forum as well

I think so to, It would be best for MTB board or for someone, willing to remake it.

Try endless-sphere as well

Thank you!