Brand new Fiberglass Boosted style enclosure FOR SALE

Hi guys,

Up for sale is this matte black enclosure made by @bigben. It is brand new and has never been installed. It’s made out of 3 layers of fiberglass, which make it REALLY strong Unfortunately I can not use it since it is too long for my flexible deck. But if you have a stiff deck this enclosure will suit you well.

It is big enough to put in ALL your electronics for a single enclosure style eskate.

Measurements: width: 19.8 cm length: 34.1 cm height: 6.1 cm

It will be send to you from the Netherlands. For 60 euro it can be yours, the price I paid myself

Some pics:


Too long? How long is a normal boosted board battery case? Btw i am from BE :wink:

Hi Pjotr!

I got it modeled after this 3d design.

The sizes of a boostedboard authentic enclosure are Width: 19.1 cm Length: 27,4 cm Height: 4,6 cm You can find them on their website. Should have known this before myself haha

It is too long in my case, since the enclosure reaches almost all the way to the middle of the deck. My fault for not measuring the exact dimensions that I asked for (didn’t have a tape measure at the time) and just blindly trusting someone elses design.

For a stiff deck this enclosure will work very well

How did you sand it so nice? I was putting filling putty on my enclosure but i could never really get a nice finish…

You would have to ask @bigben. I got it as-is from him (; This enclosure is still available if you’re interested

I made a perfect plug first then the mold was easy.


Its all about the plug. No smooth plug, no smooth mold, no smooth enclosure. Without it being a real PITA