Brand New Racerstar 5060 280KV Motor

I ordered this motor by mistake and asked for cancelation 10 minutes later. They replied 2 days later saying it was already shipped. Now I am stuck with this thing

It is brand new, I just unopened it and took the picture.

I will send it out to you for $40 shipped, the shipping will be to US only and 2 day. It took mine more than a week to get in.

I remember you talking about that Lol

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Please someone buy it…I really don’t want it anymore. Price dropped to $35 for a BRAND NEW motor :smiley:

How do you unopen something…


You and your deep scientific questions…

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That means he received it out of the box and he put it back in the box. Otherwise it might get away.


But what did he receive it in then…

It means the box was shipped but the motor was teleported into his hands, so that he could pack it into the box

If that was a racerstar 5065 140KV I’d buy it in a New York second

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A New Yorker would tell you it IS the exact motor you’re looking for just mislabeled :innocent:


Well you might be half right. A little rewire of the coils can prob make it a 140kv. Not sure though. Don’t really want a rewired motor ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I’ve got an evolve carbon so I was hoping this would fit but I’m pretty sure I need the 5065 140kv’s. I’d buy this instantly if it were that.

However, I do have a friend who is looking to build a board who may be interested. I know he wants a dual motor setup though so might have to get the link to this motor also for the future. I’ll see if he’s interested.

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I’m 95% certain this is the identical motor, exact drop-in replacement

It says on the motor 280 lol