Brand New Sk3 6374 weird sound


i bought a new SK3 6474 from Hobbyking which i received 10 Minutes ago but i noticed a weird sound that i haven’t yet heard from a new Motor before.

Is this normal with sk3’s or is something rubbing against the magnets/stator or whatever?

VIDEO 1 turning (turn up audio)

Video 1 (Audio only )

EDIT : I think i found it. It seems that the winding is fucked up on one side.

Thats now my 3rd “broken” 6374 from 2 different companys.


Just talk to them, since its almost new you should get a replacement


I’m currently chatting with them but i have to fill out the RMA claim.

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They replaced my motor because a circlip has exploded on it on the first spin. I bet they will replace the motor with such a sight.

Also, battle hardening is recommended for these puppies. :smiley:


They tend to have quite some loose windings that just beg to be glued/coated.

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Yup, they just confirmed that they’ll send me a new Motor. Lets hope that its not the 4th broken one.

The battle hardening looks sick but i’m not sure if i trust myself with it. I tend to fuck delicate things up easily :smiley:


Hobbyking have the best and I mean the best customer service in the business. Fill out the necessary form and bobs your uncle. As with any company that sources from china the QA is not top notch but in hobbykings case they go the extra mile to make sure that the customer is happy. They also address each issue and correct it. For example; I bought 2 sk8 motors from them when they were brand new to the store. One had a catastrophic bearing fail and the other had a dead sensor pcb. Quick back and forth with customer service and they asked for photographic evidence. Once provided they sent out the new units. They then sent me a credit to send the old ones back. Not for proof but for examination to correct the issues and with a proviso that if the new ones went bad they would replace free of charge with the improved versions. The new units worked a treat and still do. I don’t run sensors anymore so moved to the sk3’s after hours of research and they have served me well. Don’t be discouraged by one bad unit. The sk3 is still the most reliable motor you can buy atm.


Spare parts for that one (bearings