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Hi guys, I’m from Brazil and I’ll be attempting to build my first DIY electric skateboard. I’ve read a lot about it and I think I’ve finally come to a build. I’ve thought about some variations on the equipaments I’ll use, and your your opinion about it would be AMAZING (It’s my first build so I’m very afraid of messing things up). Also, just to contextualize, here in Brazil is very hard to find the parts I need, especially for a good price, so everything that I can, I’ll buy from China (2 months to get here)

The parts I thought for my board, some of them I’ve searched for myself and some others I’ve seen in others builds and got inspired. So it will seem like a mosaic of others builds hahahahaha I’ve got inspired by Riptide R1 Elite.

DECK I’ll buy it in a local store, but I’m thinking of something like this:


I’m thinking of getting this one from Maytech because, if I want, I’ll be able do upgrade my board to a dual motor in the future.


I’ll problably get this kit that I’ve found in the forum

MOTOR A 170kv from Maytech MTO6355

WHEELS I’m planing on getting ABEC wheels, 83mm 75a in a local store.

VESC I’ll get a FOCBOX (it can handle 60 amps), problably from Italy, maybe from Portugal (does anyone know a palce in Portugal that sells it?) (and, another doubt, is there a 60amps VESC alternative thats cheapper?)


I’m think that in this enclosure from diyeboard I’ll be able to fit my 12s3p battery and my FOCBOX

BATTERY A 12s3p made with Samsung INR18650-30Q from banggood It will be able to give me 60 amps.

And made with a VRUZEND kit

I’ll put a BMS that can handle 60amps.


Winning Control from Aliexpress

So, whats your oppinion? Do you think it will work? Anything you gays have to say will be welcome! My main fears are: Getting voltage/amps wrong and burning something It having a small range Assembling the battery

So far, my only doubt is how to make the circuit in a way that I can put a plug for the charger and how to choose the cherger, but I’m thinking on buying the ebikeschool book on “DIY Lithium Batteries” to enlight my doubts

I have heard bad things about the winning remote and I think it’s worth the investment to buy a good reliable remote that won’t deoo out at high speeds. Also I would go with 90mm wheels or above if u are in a place with bumpy roads and if u want speed. Focbox sounds good but if ur using a 12s3p I would go with a motor 190kv or above as 170kv will give torque but not much in terms of top speed and acceleration.

Um I think you wrote that wrong but do not go above 190kV with 12s.

Edit: 170kV will give more acceleration than 190kV as it produces more torque


That enclosure is 60mm deep. You may find the clearance with 83mm wheels is a little close for comfort?? Perhaps @Eboosted can help you out with an enclosure? He’s closer to you than China for sure. The first version of the winning remote was bad but I think the second version was a whole lot better. I use the mini remote, cheap as chips.


With 170kv and 12s my VESCs ERPM will be ok, right @pat.speed?

Thanks! I had not thought about clearance! an thanks for the remote recomendation

I didnt know about these down sides of the winning remote, I thought any remote would work ok, thanks! i thought about getting bigger wheels too! inicialy i was going to get [all terrain wheels]( but I didnt know if it was too big

I would go with abec flywheels 90mm or above. @pat.speed 170kv will give torque therefore giving acceleration, my bad, but u won’t get such a high speed with that. I would usually stay within the 190-200kv range.

Take a look at this

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Yes, you will be good with 170kV. 190kV will work fine but 170 is just safer

  1. I definitely recommend getting 90 mm wheels as others have suggested
  2. I built by board using a maytech VESC and maytech sealed 6374 motor and both have continued to work very well for about 8 months now
  3. Although you might like cruiser style boards, I don’t personally recommend you use one as build platform for an electric skateboard. I say this because with most short/cruiser style boards, especially those with large kicktails, it is very easy to get foot placement wrong, and having the back foot too far back. While kick pushing the board you don’t realize this, but when you have a motor accelerating under your feet and too much weight towards the back, you will do a “sick wheelie” which will probably land you on the pavement. I know this because I have a hub motor build that I based on a small cruiser deck, and unless i’m riding short distances on smooth ground (even with 90mm wheels) I usually don’t use it to get anywhere all that quickly. If all you’re looking for is something to play around with and go slow, then it’s fine. Otherwise, I would get a longer deck that will be more comfortable to stand on while you ride and much safer/easier to ride.
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hey - Brazilian here too.

Beware of this ad from Bangood. Samsung 30Q’s is 15A discharge (tests shows that can handle 20A, but i would not count on it). VRUZEND kit can’t handle that many amps…there’s an video planning a V2 to handle more amps. I don’t think V2 it’s available yet:

Talking about VRUZEND website - they sell 30q’s cheaper than bangood…and they are trustworthy, i can tell, bought many things from them. No issues at all.

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That is a terrible deal on batteries, try buying from ru.nkon, their prices are much better

Thanks for the tips! I’ll get a bigger board now, problably something flexible in bambo!

About your VESC: how many amps do you use in your configuration? I ask this because I’m a little lost in the electronics, I thought 60amps in the FOCBOX would be a small number, but now reading a little more a about it I saw thats not quite like this… Smaller amps mean smaller top speed, right? Also: is your configuration 10s or 12s? thanks!

My battery pack is two 5s LiPos wired to make a 10S battery. I believe that I set my motor max at 65. my build uses 90mm wheels and a 1:3 gearing ratio. It has a top speed of 23-24 mph and has gone up every single hill that I’ve tried going up. I’m using a maytech 6474 though, which is a much larger motor that what you are planning on using. As far as the deck goes, just remember that if your deck flexes, you may have to separate your enclosures so that the board can flex without damaging the electronics. My deck is a flat downhill deck with a slight W concave that is nice and wide and is one of the most comfortable and safe-feeling decks i’ve ridden (it’s an old Rayne Longboards deck, I don’t think they make it anymore).

Deu tudo certo? Hahahaha Im having the same problem, wanted to know if you had any problems with customs for your parts

I wanted to order from diy electric skateboard as well, but was worried about customs. Did your battery cells take a long time to come? If possible, add me on whats so we can talk 11 999762828 Sameer