Breaking Dervish|Brakeboard brakes|KEDA 6364|FWD|CNC mount|10S|TB VESC

Hello everyone. I’m Roman, 26 and I’m Russian. I have lived in Ukraine, Portugal, Brazil and currently UK. My skate experience is using a penny board for 1 year daily.

I was introduced to esk8 through a YouTube video and fell in love with it. But when I saw the price, I gave up. But then I discovered this forum and thought that it’s possible to build one cheaper. So I literally saw every diy video on YT to learn and get inspired. All started in April 2017. I gathered info until October and started buying the parts.

My initial option was to build the cheapest but reliable board available, around 300£. But I was buying parts separately so I spent a little more and got a little better quality parts.

First was the deck, Loaded Dervish. I bought it used on ebay, it came with Adam Colton Paris Trucks and Otang Durian wheels. But it was in bad shape so I sanded it, applied varnish and put a custom griptape. I put 3 coats of varnish and sanded between each cote. Had to wait 2h between each cote to dry. Then I sprayed a 4th cote just on the bottom. I took @lox897 idea and printed a Dervish deck template with hexagons that I made in Photoshop. It took me 6h to cut and apply the tape.

Then I bought the trucks, Caliber II 50º. Got them cheaper because of a fellow forum member tip @shawnyp

But when I saw that @Brakeboard was selling longboard kit again, I immediately bought them. And why you might ask? Because I don’t trust electronic brakes. I prefer having a manual option. But why don’t I learn to slide? Because there is no one to teach me. I know how to foot brake but I don’t think it’s enough.

Before Brakeboard, I bought 1 caliber mount from taobao but it doesn’t work. Then I bought a HobbyKing mount but wasn’t happy with it. So I decided to ask @marcmt88 if he could make a custom mount for me and he delivered. I still had to file the clamp a little but it was easy.

After that, I bought a @dickyho ESC and a little heatsink as another member recommended. It works ok. But suddenly @Yecrtz was selling a TB VESC and it was cheap, so I got it. He was patient and answered all my questions.

The 2x 5s 3Ah batteries that I bought for ESC, worked with VESC, obviously. I had some issues with the vesc but after using “search button” on the forum, somethings were fixed. I still need someone to approve my configurations.

Anti-spark XT90 loop key. Even though ebay esc doesn’t need a antispark loop, when connecting the lipos, there is a spark.

After buying everything, I realized that what takes a big chunk of money, is little things like bolts, bearings, wires, connectors, solder, sandpaper, etc.

The motor is KEDA 6364. It came with stiff wires so I made a silicone wire mod and added 5.5mm bullet connectors. I also grinded two flat spots for pulley grub screws. Tip: before soldering and after striping the wires, heat them so that the coating melts. After that, use flux, tin them and solder.

Wheel pulley is cheap from ebay but it doesn’t fit caliber hanger by 2mm in diameter. But my brakeboard truck fits ok. It’s sturdy but ugly. Motor pulley is useless. So I bought another cheap pulley but this one is great.

Wheels are ABEC11 clones and they are not 78A like advertized. Probably they are harder than 86A. But the pulley and bolts work fine with them.

Enclosure is just cheap plastic box. I fixed it with gopro adhesive pads like @lowGuido did. If they brake, I’ll drill the deck.

Paraffin inside pivot cups and between bushings

I also had to buy Antex 100W soldering iron, forum member tip @mrjonnyjones, and it works very good.


I still have to tweak minor adjustments and loctite everything. So for now i don’t have ride stats. In total i spent around 750£ but if i hadn’t bought double parts and brakeboard brakes, it would be around 450£.

Bae aproves

I’ll try and list all the links with what I bought. All prices include shipping and tax.

Sorry for long post, here is a potato

Edit: i don’t know why but the pics don’t show in correct order.


I love those brakes! :slight_smile:

i call them bubble butt because they are thick ahahah

what an awesome build!

thank you :slight_smile:

Nice build! Does the KEDA motor gets hot when hill climbing?

Nice build! I would love to see some video of the mechanical braking in action.

fantastic build. Using brakeboard trucks was a really smart move. Do those work with any wheels or did you match your wheels to the brakeboard ones?

@Jg33, haven’t tried yet because i’m still adjusting the vesc. but i’ll tell you when i finish @Jedi, will do @faithfulpuppy, you need to do this or to buy brakeboard wheels

I need help with my configurations. Could someone review them? Thank you

Looks mostly good to me. I noticed 2 things:

  • PPM settings, looks like it’s all defaults? At minimum you want to test with your remote, and make sure that with throttle neutral, you’re in the “deadband” (near zero).
  • battery low cutoff start/end look like they’re for lithium ion (18650). You may want them higher for lipo. lipo basically has no energy below 3.7v per cell, and lose cycle life if you go much below this. With 20C zippies you may have significant voltage sag under load, so there’s some fudge factor.

BTW love your build and those trucks!! Did you consider putting caliber on rear to make the mount situation simpler?

Thank you for the help. The motor is on the front truck because breaks are on the rear. And I chose brakeboard truck because is wider, looks better and my pulley fits. But I still have calibers sitting in a box waiting

Nice build, happy I could help with the soldering iron! :slight_smile: Never seen those Brakeboard trucks before, interesting! :smiley:

Ah wasn’t paying enough attention. Have you considered reversing the setup? Usually for weight distribution reasons, the powered wheels go in the rear (weight shifts backwards during acceleration) and braking wheels go in the front (weight shifts to front when braking).

By doing it in reverse you give up traction in all speed changes.

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Well, you need some force to make the board stop, that’s why it’s easier to brake with your heel instead of toes. But I’m waiting on pedal extension and upgraded brake linings. So I’ll try reversing. At least the deck is symmetrical so I just need to switch the phase wires :wink:


Always glad to see people building upon my ideas! Awesome build!

Thank you :slight_smile: That’s the point of this forum, learning from other people and applying it.

Teach a brakeboard noob, what are these things? I really like the idea of mechanical brakes :slight_smile: Good job!

They are fiction brakes. You attach a brake lining with carbon ceramic compound to the wheel then when you apply pressure to the pedal, the rotors make contact with the linings and the wheel stops.

How long did you have to wait for the remote to arrive, I’ve bought the same remote.