BRH5065 200KV bearing problem? Repair advice needed

Hi, I’ve got dual 5065 200kv Motors and one of them has developed some sideways free play and an unpleasant noise. They are only 6 weeks old and have done maybe 400k’s. I intend to pull it apart and try to identify the problem. Has anyone got any advice on pulling these apart? Tips on not losing fingers etc?

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Put it in a vice and pull the shaft with regular pliers strongly

And dont be scared to put press it in the vice hardly but don’t be a maniac and make the can in to an elipse

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Welcome Ricko. For anyone else reading this, these are the racerstar motors.

Reading this thread.

Could it be as simple as the grub screws on the end of the motor can nipple have come loose?

Why hello there Big Man.

Thanks Acido

try tightening the screws around the shaft first.

They were tight, but there seems to be too much play between the shaft and the bearing. But then again I’ve no idea how much there’s meant to be? There was no apparent wear on the shaft.

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