Broke my wrist... Who can recommend great wrist guards

So this happened yesterday:

In a classic case of shutting the barn door after the horse has bolted, can anyone recommend top notch wrist guards that can be used comfortably with a remote?

Oh yeah and wear protection folks! Had pads and a full face helmet on, so apart from the wrist and some bruised ribs I got was ok…

I’m getting a OneWheel soon. By looking at the OW galore… and even after 25 years of skateboarding being me with a quite good ability on falling/recovering from fall, I ordered a TSG wrist guard. They are top quality.


Sorry to hear about that. Hope it heals well and fast. I just use a triple 8 wrist guard, then slip a husky work glove from Home Depot over it. No issues using the nano-x or mastercho gt2b mod. Helmet and wrist guards always even if I’m just going to the mailbox. Anything longer and the elbow and knee guards go on.

All the best.

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Thanks @i2oadsweepei2

Lessons learnt the hard way and all that :slight_smile:

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Sad to hear that, man. Get well soon.

Time after time I think about possible scenarios that can happen on our esk8…it’s the risk that I’m still willing to take. But wherever I see posts like this I start to rethink it all over again.

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Thanks @Crossfire

Yeah I know what you mean, but a life without risk and adventure is no life at all.

I am itching to get back on my board, despite the insane levels of pain I went through yesterday.

Just ride defensively, and the big lesson I took away was look out for complacency… Oh and wrist guards, always wear wrist guards.


Took a nasty fall this morning with no protection because i was going to the bkery 400 meters from home. I hit on the head… Glad I wasn’t going fast i could’ve been way worse


good to hear you are ok

This is what I use when it’s not cold. I use the one with full fingers when it’s colder.


thanks for the recommendation @DilatedPupils

Hillbilly is a great suggestion! They’ve been at it for a long time. I actually hung out with them a few times years ago.

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what happened?

oh nice, we got 2 personal recommendations and a I know the guy :slight_smile:

@thisguyhere I criticized one of LHB’s battery wiring diagrams


oh then u had it coming, no ragrets


no ragrets at all :joy:

short story is I got a little complacent and I didn’t wear wrist guards.

without details this is what I will imagine happening


I wish…

those guys look cool even when crashing, I’m pretty sure I didn’t

although I did have two policemen (police persons? one was a woman) come and chat to me just beforehand as they couldn’t work out why I had a full face helmet on a skateboard. Once they saw the motor and asked the inevitable question they understood and just wanted to chat about electric skateboards and how cool they were.

Haha! I hope you feel better soon Brotha!