Broken iMax B6 Charger

I had a genuine SkyRC iMax B6 charger for about a month, was working great. But one day, the charger suddenly started smoking when I plugged it in. I had a 6s battery plugged in already when I turned on the charger and the display read “INPUT VOLTAGE TOO HI” (Had a 15v laptop charger plugged in, which is within its voltage tolerances). I immediately removed the power when I saw smoke. Afterwards, the Battery Meter always gave me readings of ~5.8 volts even when nothing is plugged in, and would smoke + show the Voltage Too Hi message whenever I plug in a battery. I’ve opened it up to see the power resister slightly charred (probably where the smoke came from).

I don’t know if anyone else ever had this problem, but from this experience I would suggest that you to turn on your charger first before plugging in your battery (I’m assuming this is what caused my problem, I may be wrong…).

…which leads me to ask, has anyone ever experienced this before? Was plugging the battery in early actually the problem? Does anyone know of anyway I can fix the charger?

Thanks, and hopefully this can act as a warning to everyone if the problem was actually as I described.

I actually always plug in my battery before the PSU, so that’s unlikely.

Just the power resistor charred? I would expect maybe a FET or cap blown too… unfortunately these things happen with the b6, especially the clones

Hmm, probably so. I only looked at the top circuitry, didn’t look at the bottom side so that could be the case. Yeah, it sucks cuz I bought a genuine one hoping something like this wouldn’t have happened. Oh well, win some lose some.