Broken VESC to sell ( / faradymotion)


I am selling 3 Vesc, unfortunatelly all broken. I didn’t send them to repair, because, I changed to FocBox. Two of them don’t seem to have a problem if you connect it to the Bldc tool, the motor just wont spin. On the third one. There is probably an internal shortage. The power led wont turn on…

You can make me an offer. (Shipping from USA or Switzerland)

Do you get any error messages with the two?

no, I don’t.

These might be good for someone interested in VESC repairs. I’d grab them if I had the time. :thinking:

Edit: were you running FOC on them? How did they break?

No, just on BLDC. Unfortunatelly I don’t know what exactly happend to them. I was riding at around 5km/h when then suddelnly stoped working. I was riding on an acient road with those quadratic stones (I don’t know how you call them) My case was made aut of metal… and didn’t have heatshrink on them. That might be the reason.

Most likely a DRV issue. This chip is prone to breaking. Does it connect to the computer? I’m not interested in one but this is useful information to anyone else who wants to buy and replace chips.

could be dead… or just a drv switch… How much do you want for all 3?

Edit: Just saw you want to have a price for them… 30€ for them?

So, two of them, are connecting to the computer and it doesn’t tell me any errors. Broken DRV, normally it should tell you.

I was more thinking around 25$, since you can get them repaired for 35$ around. And resell around 70$ is about what you get.

Damaged FETs perhaps? Damaged DRVs also may not indicate errors on the PC or blink the red LED.

IF it’s a broken DRV yes, if not, i have to replace other, more expensive stuff. And thats not worth the risk.