Brushless motor makes weird "puffing" noise every few seconds

After installing my arduino, esc and motor everything seems to work fine. It arms perfectly and I can make it turn slower and faster with my remote. However once every few seconds the motor makes a weird noise (It seems like it is missing one “step” every few seconds. Anyone got a clue what this might be caused by?!AvPQ3WkD_K2yrGfXMwynEvd8PXl4

Looks like the esc is revving the motor. Isolate the pwm wires of the vesc from the high voltage battery wires, and try a different remote. Arduino based transmitter and reciever is sketchy as is, more so when going fast on an esk8.

Im not using a vesc, but 2 arduinos with 2 hc-05 modules and a turnigy sentilon esc, what do you mean with isolating the pwm wires?

The three thin wires that feed into your arduido ard the pwn wires of the esc, being a wire the pwn wire can have currents induced by other thicker wire with a flow of electricity. It is likely related to unstable signal or the interference between the two HC-05 modules, or some troublesome arduino code. I would buy a traditional 2.4Ghz remote.

AAH thanks so much, apparently i can’t have a stable pwm output and a stable serial connection at the same time… well i better look for an alternative i guess…

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And btw for other people, it is possible just DONT combine softwareserial with controlling an ESC, if i use hardware serial the connection is stable