BU-204 batteries - the future of battery tech - solid electrolytes

Wow. I just watched that video like 2 hours ago lol.


Someone Else has already developed a Lithium battery with a solid non flammable electrolyte.

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As much as I would like to believe this stuff. I will be may 15 to 20 years away before commercialization ever happens and why my enthusiasm for news like this is low.

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The military prob gets first dibs no doubt


One is based on plastic and the other is based on glass …

Interesting :thinking:

No telling when we will actually see it on the market but still it is exciting news. The future of lithium batteries is looking very bright.

I think so as well… I think esk8 is an excellent test bed for that stuff lol…

If only someone could think of a diy version…wouldn’t that be something

We dont… when I hear military grade I get scared. Everything we have is made by the lowest bidder.


Found this a while ago… Li-S technology also looks promising… let’s see what future brings for us…

Would ‘‘bring the size down’’ about 2 times or so, for achieving the same range… not entirely sure about discharge but yeh…


Tel Aviv, May 11th, 2017- StoreDot, the nanotechnology materials pioneer known for its super-fast battery charging technology, will showcase its ultra-fast-charge five minute car battery today on stage at CUBE Tech Fair in Berlin. StoreDot’s FlashBattery technology will make charging any electric car as quick and efficient as filling gas tank, as it only takes five minutes to reach a full charge that can keep the car going for 300 miles. While competitors seek to solve the problem of increasing the mileage per charge, StoreDot is focusing on fast-charging electric vehicles in just minutes, a solution all drivers can relate to.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if a 10S2P becomes 4 times as light and 2 times smaller in the next few years. It will be crazy to see where this expansive field brings us.