Budget 2k need a AT skateboard

I want a dependable skateboard that is all terrain wheels if possible with a acceptable amount of range (i live in nyc but spend a lot of time in long island) pls give me a final offer. If you have a picture it would be nice. pls comment to tell me if it is a good deal or not because even though I have a general idea and bought a diy skateboard b4 I am rather new to the scene. edit: I will need probably a minimum of 20 miles as a round trip is 15 miles-ish at around 25 miles per hourish (25 shouldnt be the top spd but rather spd it can accelerate and brake at fairly quickly)

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I could build u something similar to mine for 2k or under depending what u want… I live in CT and work in NYC…


Gets about 10 aggresive miles… More for cruising… I’m retrospect id probably build a 5p battery instead of 4p knowing how much i lile to ride and for how long…

If you want to make it yourself, I have the trucks/wheels/motor mounts for an AT build I can let go at a decent price

Yep and I got unities coming this month (tentatively) lol

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I’m actually interested in this, do you have a price and details on the setup you have for sale?

PM’ed ya about it

Dude, I know you’ll be able to get what you’re after sometime on this forum…

but if you can somehow up your budget $500, this will leave you with no regrets I bet.



looks great can i need probably optimally 20 mile range min to be safe and ill probably be riding around the spd around 25 miles. I can’t really see the trucks but my first skateboard has a huge problem with the suspension when it rides on gravel … that is y i need new board. Although i am looking around something used with 100-200 miles on it so i know everything works and gives me a bigger bang for my buck. Can i get quote. (the reason y i said optimal i am not sure if i can charge it for as long as I would like in addition I can shorten my last couple miles by riding transit even though i prefer not to)

looks great but I don’t think I can afford it

preciate it but ill rather have it built or even better used (100-200 miles as quality assurance)

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Look for something like a 10s6p to 10s7p battery (650Wh), that should get you 26ish miles on pneumatics

thx preciate it

I’ll drop u a line… But for 20mi on pneumatics youd need like a 6p or maybe more with 30q … U could probably fair ok with less with a 20700 call but they cost more =\ this is always the battle lol

i can make it work with a a 10 mile range but ill have to ride transit… preciate the input

I have a Lacroix 12s5p I built that I’m selling. DM me for details

Was just about to drop a link to your WTS post

wts post? wat u mean

My message was in response to @Rocklocker

I have a sale add over at a different esk8 forum.

Looks like an old post. But check out my boards on Insta at assaultboards. Boards go 30mph. I can get about 10 miles hard riding, and i mean hard. Acceleration is nuts, I’ve beat the hell out of these and they keep going. I just recently mounted a battery box to the top of a board as well as the bottom, just a quick swap of wires and you’re good for another 10 hard ridden miles. If you cruise ive gotten upwards of 17 miles per charge. So with 2 batteries cruising i can get 34 miles. I can build a double battery setup for $2300. That includes the 2 10s4p batteries that can be charged separately, and can be taken off the board if you just want to ride with the under mounted battery