Budget 3d printed Scrub psycho II / HQ assasin


The purpose of this project was to find out if a electric mountain board could be made almost entirely with 3d printed parts.

After alot of testing i decided to use ASA/PETG/TPU plastics for this build.

3D printed battery case is made of ASA plastic, and i added “fast locking/release” mechanism for battery.

3D printed battery cell holders, made of TPU plastic

Building battery with my old diy spot welder. Battery nominal voltage 36V and designed 60A constant current.

Flipsky 6.6 Vesc enclosure, designed to match board shapes.

Prototyping drivetrain, i made wheel adapter of tpu plastic. No additional bolts for ensuring wheel to the toothed gear


Technial specs:

  • Battery 36V 12Ah, 60A current, 10S4P Samsung 30Q cells.
  • Flipsky Vesc mini 6.6 dual
  • Foc mode
  • 6355 sensored bldc motors 190kv
  • 15T toothed gear made of aluminum
  • 72T toothed gear 3d printed of PETG
  • Motormount 3d printed of ASA plastic
  • Adapterplate attached truck made of aluminum.
  • Battery case and vesc enclosure 3d printed of ASA
  • Wheel adapter 3d printed of TPU
  • Nominal power ~2.2 kilowatts
  • Top speed ~50 km/h
  • Range 25-30 km
  • Weight ~13 kilograms
  • Bluetooth for telemetry
  • Total cost less than 1000€

Final version :


Sounds interesting, have any more photos of how this works?

I can record a video soon. Basically it’s simple locking mechanism. I tried various different versions and flexible TPU plastic worked best. It’s super strong and flexible.


This looks fantastic!

can u share 3d files PLEASE


I can share files in a few weeks. I have to go through project and check everything is correct.

Very nice! I’ve always wanted to try printing with some of the stronger plastics but I keep deciding I don’t have the money to buy a roll :man_facepalming:

Your printed parts look well engineered, I’m really interested in your experiences with riding them.

Upload your designs, it’s never to early to go open source :wink: