Budget Battery for Electric Board

I’m looking for a battery for my board. I want it to be high capacity, but everything I look at is too expensive. I’m don’t know to much about batteries - i’d be fine with a deep cycle/marine battery, but from what I understand, they don’t have the output power for it. Everything else seems too expensive (diy torque one is 500$, the high output lipos are 100$+ and I’ll need at least 4, etc). Are there any budget high output high capacity batteries? I don’t care what they look like or how much they weight. Ideally, 12s but I can connect multiple to get 12s.

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Hobbyking often has flash sales on their larger LiPo batteries. I picked up a few 4s 5000mah 30c packs from them two weeks ago for only $27 each. Put three of those in series and you have a strong 12s pack, range isn’t outstanding though.

These are the packs I got, however the flash sale had them for $27

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It’s not really high capacity but it’s budget friendly

What is budget

There are a lot of builders on forum also

Where are you based so we can know who to send you to

I mean cheap batteries. I’m in central Wisconsin (USA)


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How cheap is cheap $300 $400