Budget board for getting around campus

I’m looking for a reasonable priced board. I have a 5 mile commute to school every day (could make it half the distance with bike trails and all), but it’s also in VA so it’s decently hilly. I love the idea of boosted boards, but their rediculosly priced. I don’t have tons of money, so below the thousands would be wonderful. I’d love to design a higher end one later in the future, but right now I just can’t afford it. Any ideas? (I would also use it around campus but could charge it. Maybe say 12mi min for battery life). Also the faster the better. People say boosted is crazy fast, but honestly I used a friends on pro and it want all to bad. I know I won’t get a great board for cheap, but I want to see what I can get.

Judging by your measurement units I’ll assume you live in a 1st world country where you can’t beat the price of prebuilt boards by going the DIY route. However, a single drive 6380 can get you up hills, and not needing much range can let you save money on the battery. I think if you did the research on what parts you can get for what price right now you could get something that suits your needs. Keep in mind though that more speed requires more power at above 25mph, so a small battery might not give you that.

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A good idea might be to get a used Boosted or Evolve board (WITH WARRANTY!!!) and live with that until you are ready to spend 1000$ to get a good quality board (or wait until Black Friday :wink: )

Also, that’ll give you time to research everything about DIY esk8 so that you can make better purchasing decisions for parts :slight_smile:

Look into a Meepo or Ownboard. They are very good for the price

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