Budget build | Meepo deck | Single 6364 190KV | 8S3P | FESC 4.2

Hello, i have post a while back asking for a budget board advice, so now I’m uploading my progress. All the parts have arrived, battery is done, most of the mechanical part is done, just need to wire everything up, draw and enclosure and test it. Oh and find time for all that :slight_smile:

I spent around 200-300$ on the board so far, and that’s without the batteries.

Battery Sony VTC5 8S3P I was choosing between upper and lower setup, and decided to go for upper.PNG Soldering vs spot welding Decided to solder the battery because i dont have my own spot welder. Battery temperature didnt go over 90°C during soldering, and since the cells aren’t new and i plan to upgrade the battery,so i decided that i don’t mind losing few cycles on the pack. I cut copper busbars and drilled holes in them with a paper hole cutter for the solder. The cells are glued with epoxy. Pre-soldered bulky wires and wraped in kapton + heatshrink.





All done, wrapped in heatshrink this way because thats the only size i had, and i can double stack battery if i change my mind later. IMG_20190116_230858

Pretty happy how the battery turned out. For the next one i will spot weld and use fishpaper.


Motor: KEDA 6364 190KV ESC: FESC 4.2 BMS: AliExpress with 60A discharge, 8Acharge. Drivetrain: Sprocket 14:28, 83mm wheels. Had to 3D print spacers to mount sprocket on the wheel.


Deck is from old Meepo board, donated by @Tinp123 (thanks :slight_smile: )

IMG_20190118_234559 I still cant decide to go double stack or single stack for the batteries. And Im currently working on enclosure that gona be 3D printed in PETG. I want to put batteries and electronics in enclosure and mount that on deck, but deck is fairly flexible so im reconsidering this.

TODO: Wire everything up Enclosure BT module Antispark LED lights DRIVEE!

Any comments and critics are welcome :slight_smile:


Link to the BMS?

60A seperate port

I decided to try reinforce the deck with some fibreglass cloth, because the deck was to flexy and full of holes and small cracks from screws. It would be much cheaper and easier to buy new deck, but i did it for science :smiley:. Griptape removed, and board lightly sanded. IMG_20190306_163837 A layer of epoxy to fill the holes, then 2 layers of cloth. IMG_20190306_181004 On the bottom i put carbon fibre sticker and covered it epoxy to get that nice CF look, buuuut… IMG_20190307_130352 For some reason after i covered the sticker with epoxy, sticker went full back. Overall it was fun experience, but very scratchy. After i cut fibre they were still strings, like the epoxy didnt get in every part of the fibre. That made it hard to sand and cut, and it looked terrible , so I covered edge of the board with another layer of epoxy. I might have bought epoxy with too low viscosity for this.

For the enclosure, i used old meepo enclosure for electronics, and 3D printed enclosure for batteries. Here is the bad render of enclosure render%20enc IMG_20190306_213634

Decided to paint board orange, but after first layer the holes form under epoxy were still visible. Went to paint black and after it orange again, but in the process, i decided to like this trashy orange and black look. IMG_20190309_161728 Mounted everything in enclosures and was ready to ride :smiley: IMG_20190316_095546


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So far i got 100km on the board.

After first 30km my motor pulley loosened for the motor shaft. Dremmeled shaft a bit more, and put epoxy and 2 grub screws in the same pulley hole.

The only problem that i have for now is that remote is dropping signals in some areas of the city, and its very annoying. I went in hometown over the weekend, which is smaller city, and i had no dropouts. I have ordered gt2b, but until then i will have to endure this torture of a remote.

Worst of all, this remote is the same price as gt2b, and i thought that remote costing 30$ would be reliable. I was wrong.

I’m very pleased with how the board turn out, considering my budget for it.

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Yoooo! That orange and black paint coat underneath the grip tape looks wicked! Well done!

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