Budget Build with Diy 18650 battery pack

So I have been wanting to build a board on the cheap for a while but I have no idea if my components will work. Will 8 x 9800mah batteries work on a 270kv motor. If not what batteries should I use. I haven’t bought anything yet and I am completely new to this. My motor from Aliexpress: New Arrival Brushless Outrunner Motor N5065 270KV 1665W For DIY Electric Skate Board 97mm flywheels And these batteries from eBay: 8 X 3.7V 18650 9800mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery For Flashlight Torch LED Any help from u guys would be of great help. Again I want the best range for as chap as possible. Thank you to whoever replies.

Tap the magnifying glass in the upper corner next to the three lines stacked on top of eachother :slight_smile:, but seriously read before asking questions that can be answered by just a couple searches

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Yes I know what you are saying but I have not found any information on these batteries even after searching the internet for several hours.

The batts are fake. it is impossible to get a 9800mah battery in the size of an 18650


Ok mate thanks for the info I will look for some others

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No problem. Most ebay batteries are fakes. Have a look on Nkon they sell most batteries and have the best prices. They have a European and non-European site so just go to the one which suits. For a budget LiPo is best


Low discharge or faulty cells started to be discarded by manufacturers . They are not any good for packs yet they are excellent for flash lights. Some companies started reselling those cells rebranded as trustfire, ultrafire etc… They are decent companies selling good products for a specific use. Since that market took off on the wings of dollar scammers didn’t let that chance slip away. So they started rebranding fake cells with the bait of more capacity. The maximum capacity of 18650 right now is 3500 mah if you see any cell above that is for sure fake fake fake. They are not real trustfire nor real anything at all. They are cheap, they work… but they are fake. In some cases they are even really low capacity cells filled with flour to add the missing lithium weight. legit cells fake cells


About time, i was going to order Samsung 25r Batteries for my own build in December, if you could clubin we can benifit from it

Samsung 25r- 3$/cell

Samsung 30Q - 3.9$/cell

Without Shipping.

Pm m if you or anyone else is intrested

someone posted a link recently to aliexpress seller wich sells legit 30q batteries for 3$

where? that would be steal

idk use the search button

Please start another topic specifically for your question, this one is about batteries.

Or read some more first about other mountainboard builds. There is a search button in the corner, use that

The batteries are fake. Use genuine Samsung, LG, or Panasonic batteries.