Budget ESC for up to 8S usage

I am already using the YEP 6S 120a ESC since 1-2 months. I am software developer so i could dig into it and make it happen but i dont have the time for it…

Who says that the ESC does not have brakes? That is a bad lie! It has brakes but they are not very comfortable. You have to get used to the ESC but it works without problems. If i brake to hard it will throw me off the board… So i need to learn to brake with this ESC more gently.

I am using the X-Car Best 120A ESC and it is perfect for the price. I ordered the programming card and set the breaks to 70% and it is working like a charm. The only issue i had so far was with the voltage cut-off because it has no soft off. When i was going up hill on medium throttle the voltage dropped under 3.4V/Cell limit I had set. Therefore the ESC turned off and i fell from the Board.

That sounds like a no go! Just like you said: [quote=“DerBrecher, post:22, topic:6085”] Therefore the ESC turned off and i fell from the Board. [/quote]

It is way to risky without soft cutoff or you need to be best friend with you battery and know when it is depleted… but that is kinda hard. like @whitepony says: Make a max speed check to see if they are depleted

I got have a Voltmeter in the Cut Out of my front Trucks so i can keep track of the voltage and know how hard i can push the board. I lowered the Cut-off voltage to 3.0V/Cells and since then i had no problems. Just make sure to order the programming card so you can change these settings, if you are going to order this ESC.

And i dont think that many cheap Car ESCs have a soft off when the battery gets low. Why would they have such a thing your RC Car.

@DerBrecher Which programming card did you order for the x-car? The USB one, the small lcd one, or the thing you can use your phone for?

@Leonardvdj This one and used the PC Tool provided in the download section.

@DerBrecher Dang, on backorder… EDIT: Other than the voltage cutoff(Whats the default?), was there anything you had to change? 2nd EDIT: Random question, how many metres of 10awg wire should i buy for an electric longboard with the length of 33"? Is 1 metre of black and 1 of red enough, or should i get 2 of each?