Budget ESC for up to 8S usage


As I don’t have money for a VESC(€170 here in Europe…), I’m wondering what budget options there are for a 6S battery. It would be nice if it had the capability of 8S, since that would later give me the option of switching to 8S for some more power :slight_smile: Which features does a Car ESC have, that a normal “plane” ESC doesnt have? Just regenerative braking?

Regards, Leonardvdj

EDIT: Am i right to assume that an esc of 80Amps or above will be plenty for the Turnigy G160 245Kv? The HobbyKing page says “Max Current: 60A”

I don’t know that there is something such as a cheap 8s. If you find one let me know! The fvt 120 from bangood is cheap enough to go for 6s to start with.

You need the functions of a car ESC on a board. You will be asking for trouble using a plane or heli ESC.

Those escs dont have the capability to provide linear/progressive braking. The brakes will either be DRAG/Full on/or off. That is dangerous on a board

@psychotiller http://www.ebay.de/itm/Hobbywing-Ezrun-BL-ESC-MAX8-V3-150A-1-8-T-Plug-Regler-HPI-Traxxas-Arrma-/152100704519?hash=item2369e89107:g:4zkAAOSwQaJXQuLc Would this be fine for 6S then? :slight_smile:

@Psychotiller I’m trying to shave off as much as possible though, and that EZRun esc is very expensive compared to the HobbyKing BlueSeries 85A… Will any car esc work?

Yup! That would work

If you find a decent 8s esc that works with eboards please post it. lol

@Psychotiller For electric longboards, what are the cons of a boat esc compared to a car esc?

Again, boats don’t brake like cars.


@bigben With Denmark’s customs, I’m better off buying something more expensive here in Denmark.

@psychotiller What about the HobbyKing X-Car? Its only €46, and does 2-6S, 120Amps.

Don’t know about that one…try it

@psychotiller Yeah alright, thanks for the help nevertheless :thumbsup:

Mhm? Where did you find that ESC? I just saw a Hobbyking X-car 2-3S ESC

@DeathCookies It’s the X-Car “BEAST”, http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__77144__HobbyKing_174_8482_X_Car_Beast_Series_ESC_1_8_Scale_120A.html

Okay thank you!

I had seen this before but i am sceptical: The description says: Suitable Motor Type : 4 Pole sensorless and sensored brushless motor

I dont think it wont fit with our big motors unless you have a sensored motor? Please correct me if i am wrong!

@DeathCookies it does say “sensorless AND sensored”, so it should work with our sensorless motors. http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/green-cobra-generic-ebay-deck-custom-trucks-sk3-6374-192kv-custom-mount-6s-x-car-beast-120a/2312 This guy is using the X-Car Beast 120A, and he doesnt seem to have any trouble with it.

If i had known this earlier i wouldnt have bought a heli esc… :weary:

@DeathCookies Have you used the ESC yet(The heli esc), or have you just ordered it? How is it riding without brakes, is it completely impossible or? You could ofcourse either 1) Return the ESC, or 2) Buy an arduino, put that between the receiver and ESC, and then make it have a throttle curve, but that’d require you to know a bit of coding and such. Easiest is probably to just return the esc, depending on shipping costs