Budget esk8 build (in progress)

Hi everyone, so I’m trying to build my first board without breaking the bank. I have pretty solid experience in designing/building mechanical stuff, but not so much in electronics etc. So will need some help.

Some pictures of what I’ve got so far.

Plan to use 2 motor design. 72t 5m (printed) and 20t 5m on the motor. 20t could be too large but I just have 2 of these laying around, for now.

Currently working on motor mounts.

Motor specs: 6354 - 180kv - 24v - 1.5kw

Now a couple of questions:

  1. What cheap ESC’s can I use for that considering that motors are sensorless? (I don’t mind kick-push the board to give it initial speed).

  2. Can I apply more voltage to these motors? It says 24v, can I use 36v or more and what will happen?

Thanks in advance!!

Yoyo Oleg!

For 24v rated motors u can’t use like a 10s (36v) setup. There are a few reasons. Ur motor also has a ampere rating, ampere x volt = watt: so u would exceed the maximal watt rating as well. RPM = Volt x kV rating of the motor, so also rpm would be exceeded.

There are different versions of 6354 motos, i for example use this one: Flipsky BLDC Belt Motor Battle Hardened 6354 140KV 190KV 2450W for Ele – FLIPSKY

Its rated for 2450 Watt, 12s (3,6V * 12 =44ish) and 65 amps.

I in my situation build a 10s3p or 12s3p battery setup out of 21700 cells and i can barely provide the power for 2 motors of these, so u should consider ur setup as a whole, what fits best together.

just as an example, maybe it helps u: my battery cells Samsung 50s (5000mah = 5aH, 35Amps, 3.6V) so in a 12s3p setup it would add up as: 5123 = 648Wh 35A * 3p = 105 ampere output 3.6-3.7V * 12 = 44.4V 105A * 44.4V= 4662Watts 6354 Motors = 2450 W * 2 = 4900W < 4662 Watts.

But 4.5kw is far enough for my mini build, i don’t think i will casually use that amount of power.

in terms of motor mounts, i just buy the whole dkp truck from evolve or similar companies, including motor mount etc, but u for sure can go diy here as well.

Cheers and good luck with ur built

Edit: didn’t see u already got the motors, in this case, if u only have higher Volt batteries, there are Volt downgraders, don’t ask me how these stuff is called, but it exists.

Hey, thanks for the answer. That’s a lot of calculations lol. Someone on fb group told that 36/42v is possible, they will kinda spin faster…

I’ve got these motors for 15$ each so really want to start with them.
So if I can’t put more than 24v, what can I expect from those motors in terms of speed/torque/range?

Sorry for all those newbie questions, currently it’s absolutely new language for me.

BLDC Motors typically don’t have a voltage rating. They run on current. As long as the motor stays within its thermal operating range, you are okay. There isn’t any part that’s going to pop if the voltage is too high, as long as the motor isn’t too hot and the bearings aren’t spinning beyond their means.

The voltages given are just for rough guidance to stay within normal operating parameters.


Ok yeah i was wrong informed on motors, i thought the usual volt rating is also the max, but makes sense as b264 states it!

so i guess no bigger problems with overvolting ur motors. Only bearing usage will be increased and u need to care for temperature, maybe u can find out the ampere rating of the motor. as far as i’ve read, this is the more important factor here!

In terms of speed and stuff, with 2x 1.5 kw its pretty the same as this board: Challenger - Belt Drive – ONSRA Europe

so around 50-55 kph through power.

to calculate ur drivetrain there is a nice website: http://calc.esk8.it/

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What could potentially happen if I try to test-ride on these?

You could fall off the skate, and it could keep going without a rider until it crashes, and you may never find it, depending on the circumstances and where it went.

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Ok, so poor man’s esk8 is kinda ready for the 1st test lol

To be continued…

Update: tested it and it works pretty nice, controllers cut off at certain speed obviously because of low specs. Will be replacing for something decent.

As a person not used to esk8’s that was pretty scary for the first time lol

I’m around 105kg. It cuts off at 23km/h but I’'m already loving it :grinning:

Looks nice so far. Do change the esc.

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I’m about to pull the trigger for 2 of these:

US $68.60 51%OFF | FLIPSKY 4-13S Lipo ESC Speed Control Mini FSESC6.7 70A base on VESC6.6 with Aluminum Anodized Heat Sink for Brushless DC Motor https://a.aliexpress.com/_EwktM13

Reviews are good

Also picked up 2 of these batteries. They are pretty small. Plan to connect in parallel so in total should be 10s6p according to my calculations, am I right?

I’m not sold on those. You could get a better controller like makerx escs. But the price is probably out of your budget zone. You can try your luck, but you will have to limit them tremendously.

If those batteries are the same batteries, you can put them in parallel.

Just make sure they’re the same voltage/current/ battery type/cycles and you’re set. This is just for your safety.

What exactly wrong with those flipsky ESC’s?

Nothing if you keep the current low. Battery max on each one at 25A and you’ll never have a problem. Believe the “70A” horseshit rating and you’ll have lots of problems and failures.

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As B264 stated. This is what I meant by limit them tremendously.

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What kind of problems will I get? Can I find the best Amps by experimenting starting from 25 and going up untill I get some noticable issues?

Doing that will fry your esc, losing $70 in the process. If you have money to burn, you can do that experiment.

Alright will need to dig more into it.

Here is what I invested so far to get it moving, in CAD $:

Mountain board (new from marketplace) - 130$, 2 motors - 40$, 2 batteries - 70$, 2 shitty controllers - 15$, 2 belts - 5$.

Some 3d printing and CNC cutting in my shop + Everything else was laying around.

So far: 260 CAD

The motor (phase) current can be higher than 25A but limit the battery current (power) to 25A to be safer

And this I’m doing in the vesc soft, right?