Budget esk8 that goes 35 mph

Can I make a 35 mph esk8 board with 15 to 20 miles of range under 600 usd? And what are some good indepth guides on the parts and how to build them? I am new to esk8 so this would help a lot.

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Do you want to hurt yourself? Do you search for cars to buy based on top speed as the primary metric?

Im not new to esk8 i meant im new to building an esk8 board, i figured its more fun and cheaper than buying another meepo

It’s not cheaper, it is a lot more expensive.

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Oh its not? Do you reckon i should buy a cheap esk8 and upgrade the motor battery and esc? Or would that also be me expensive?

If you want high performance, tinkering ability — and low cost — then go buy a used DIY build from esk8 news is my advice.

Building DIY costs more than buying. The only way to get DIY performance without breaking the bank is to take advantage of someone else who spent the money and is selling at a loss. Because they want to build another thing.


Maybe this

or this

Not sure where you’re located.

Lmk what u figured out!

You will figure out a lot more over there and not here.