Budget protective gear recommendations?

How important is shock absorbsion/padding vs abrasion resistance? I got scrap sheet steel and that’s harder than any uhmw plastic puck if it’s an alternative

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many reasons not to use steel for a puck; friction and heat being top-of-mind :slight_smile:

use bam bams, your friends will be amazed

just not in California during the drought :slight_smile: stay stoked

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Does steel have to much or not enough friction? I’m not worried about heat…I wear wool gloves in summer…that What Remains of Edith Finch vibe

I while ago someone suggested learning to fall but all I found was falling at low speed…do you still tuck arms and head in then roll over your shoulder into your back when going 20mph ?

Not unless you can help it. If your all geared up you should be trying to slide belly down when going at high speeds.

I have fallen at 60km/h took 2 steps and rolled. It ended with a lot of scrapes and bruises but luckily no broken bones. However, I do not think that would have been my best plan of action.

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can pretty much always find elbow knee and wrist guards at your local Goodwill/St Vincent’s de Paul or second hand sporting goods store.


I got this helmet from Triple 8

Some kneepads from Triple 8. Some people said they wasn’t that comfortable but to me they feel okay. It will always feel a bit different with some protection.

Also got some wristbands (not those) I just wear some stadard working gloves so my hands don’t completely die.

A total of around 140 usd I think


Plan for how you could fall how you would best and worse case. I have strong opinions about things like Wrist guards but I’ll lay them aside and let you think for yourself.

But just remember skill > extra safety gear (A helmet doesn’t fall into the “extra safety gear” category because it’s mandatory)

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Thanks, most of my skateboard injuries are wrist related so I’ll probably spend more on those first along with a helmet

There is no way that you can get some birthday funds more early? I‘m sure your parents would support that. Don’t cheap out on protection

I got $300 from birthday/Christmas/start of college combined and that got me as far as some nice motors and ESC…I’m on my own

They probably would spend more for protection stuff but then id feel guilty asking for more

Than find an evening job or something. As min till you have like 100-200$ for a full face helmet that also hold up. I think I don’t need to tell that shit happens most time when you don’t expect it. Let’s say 150$ for a good helmet plus 50$ for a set of knee/elbow and wrist guards or something similar should be doable somehow. If no, than you set your priorities wrong :wink:

No need to feel guilty if it’s about safety. And if you do than try to earn the money by your own, just don’t cheap out please.

I’ll see what I can do about getting a job, pickings are slim but I’ll see what I can find