Budget Trampa Carver Build Possible?

No, Should you learn to fix cars if you’ll only fix one? Not unless you’re a hobbyist.


forgot his name… he made a post selling like 3-4 completes, can not really remember and one of the boards was electrified for 600 pounds, i would cop it if i didn’t start my build at the time

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That’s true though I’m open to trying to DIY something in the future or get a custom complete build like from Kaly in the distant future and upgrade it from there. One of the reasons I’m open to getting DIY exposure even if its not a whole lot at the moment

Are there any concerns with regards to safety when buying 2nd Trampa completes? Where do you browse for those?

I guess all I can say now is, Do your research.

Only listing to me is like Only watching CNN to get info on politics.

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what can go wrong with trucks or the deck its both rock solid change the wearable parts of the trucks and your good to go

there should be some for sale in the marketplace here on the forum

We’re looking to offer a 2in1… First with 6.3" x 2" Street Pneumatic Tires. We’ll offer an AT wheel as well not too long after. Maybe about 2-3 months out… still will take some time.

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Yeah. I’ll probably go back to this in a future build but maybe work around the Chinese board for now. Would replacing Hubs into a belt usually call for a need to change out the ESC as well? Do you have a build log for your 9ply Chinese board?

Good question - im currently debating an emtb as well. But i was really suprised at how much more expensive all the parts are

I already have both vescs, both motors, and the battery cells and every price list i write down still comes out to well over $1000 (with new parts)

Id wait for people to sell their used parts on here

Btw, anyone have an hs11 deck they no longer want???

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Would be interested in it! Would you happen to have a price range for that?

Would you mind sharing some of those lists? Interested to see your options and considerations for your build!

Shooting for around $199.99-$229.99 for 4 rims, tires, tubes and pulleys 15mm. They’ll fit our 218mm Trucks.

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Awesome! Looking forward to that in action. Can’t wait to try them out if I get the chance!

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What kind of deck limitations(if any) are there that may need to be considered for it?

because trampa charges 500$ for a bolt

Just need clearance for the tires… Most downhill with the nose and tail portion of the deck ideally would be smaller. @treenutter decks will most definitely work. https://www.instagram.com/redemberboards/ and decks somewhat similar…


Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll consider them as well if I’m able to grab your 2in1. :smiley: great customer support at the site btw!

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I’m just gonna leave this here . . .



i usually throw the lists away before i start a spending spree but theyre usually something like:

Hs11 trampa deck

12s8p eboosted enclosure

The direct drive options are sick but way expensive so i was thinking of using chains instead

Dual 6374 motors

Not 100% positive about the wheels or trucks yet but but if you want trampa ones your expenses go way up. There are probably other options out there but i dont know about them yet

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Best bet like others said is to get a second hand board for cheaper, budget board with specs you are looking for will be a challenge to keep under $2k