Budget Trampa Carver Build Possible?

how many km/miles have you put on it? Looks like you put a good amount of care into as there are hardly any scuffs or scratches besides the 2 you mentioned

Hardly any, prob about 50miles. This board was quite a long build and during that time I got a mountainboard and had that build done in a day. My plan was to have both but I’ve kind of seen sense a bit and now know I just need one, I got addicted yes. It’s all in great condition. I also have a 12s bms (bypassed discharge) and can throw nickel in the box too. All you would need is cells/battery pack.

You can find second hand trampas. They just don’t come up very often. I keep my eye out for them and if I get any I shall let you know :+1:t2:

Also search ‘scrub mountainboard’ and look for the similar square trucks, that could lead to a nice budget board.

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I can vouch for atenner, Hes a legit seller, i bought a trampa mountain from him, top quality all round and super helpful, id prob be interested in that urban carver if i hadnt already bought a MTB from him in february.lol


That would be fantastic. Thanks for the help, I suppose what I really would want given the responses here and a few on the subreddit is more along the lines of an Urban assault setup that can go over gravel, grass and bad roads but not through forests or mountains. I see that they’ve got a Ultimate Urban Carver on the Trampa site but would not sure if that would be enough or already beyond what I really need for my use case.

Same here , bought some used older Trampa decks from Atenner and other stuff. Very cool and helpful guy. If i had the money i wouldn’t hesitate 1 second to buy his Trampa Carver even though i am more into mountainboards.

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The distinction with carver and mountain board is its design for the terrain? I kinda am confused as to how to distinguish between the trampa urban carvers and the trampa mountains boards.

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I am not an expert in this matter but for me the difference between both are (although this is not always the case) difference in decks (carver = shorter and lighter but this is not always true) , due to the fact that the purpose is totally different , wheels , gearing and motor kv can also differ. Battery placement also differ , for emtb’s most will put the battery on top of the deck for carver builds most use flexible battery enclosures attached on the underside of the deck. Also , most will use bindings on their mountainboards (for additional stability) which isn’t the case (most of the time) on carver builds.These are the differences i can think of but more experienced forum members might provide you with a better answer.

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As above :point_up:t2:

Biggest difference is the trucks and wheels. Smaller wheels are (usually) used on an urban carver. The carver comes with a narrower hanger on the trucks.

If you want to go on gravel paths and on bumpy pavements only a carver or mountainboard will be ok. If you want to go more off-road like through forests etc a mountain board is the one.

Ideally have a go on someone’s. For example I love having bindings but some people hate them.


Thanks for the info @mikedv and @atenner! Yes I think I think I’ve got a better idea of what i really need for my use case. I think I should’ve went with carver because they can be a bit different for me to tell apart at times. I don’t see myself going through forests but giong up hills, be it grass or pavement is something I’d love to be able to do. Since @mikedv did mention differences in carvers being shorter and lighter does this still put the budget at around $2000+?

I’d imagine still having a higher Kv motor since I won’t need all to much torque on the surfaces I’ll be going over on it. As for gearing I’m looking at a belt but I’d ultimately want to go for gear drive but defenitely a underside enclosure which may cost more? I’ve seen lots of great posts on @psychotiller enclosures. I myself am not concerned too much on bindings as I can always add these later on

For an urban carver what would the minimum I could go if I go with LiPos? Sk3’s I hear are quite good for the price but I’m still unsure about what size and KV would best fit my needs. (going up hills,grass,gravel and rough pavement)

I have saved this build: