Build compatibility - advice wanted :)

Hi, I am trying to build my first e-skate board. I’ve had some help from a friend along with the use of research within this forum and online. However, I’m not confident in knowing the compatibility of the parts I have found. I’m open to any suggestions or comments on my current parts list.

I’ve yet to choose an enclosure since I’m unsure of what deck I would like. I was thinking about going with the loaded poke as I will be mostly using my board for commuting within the city, but would still like to use it for longer sessions. As well as this, I like the kicktail this board has since I am also a skater. What deck do you think would best suit my situation, over the loaded poke?

Any help would be great, thanks!

trucks 2X E-Caliber truck *
wheels Orangutang cauama 85mm
VESC Focbox Unity
Motor mount 2x Caliber mount *
Drive piece 2x 36T 15mm wide aluminum pulley with integrated bearing for kegelcore, 2x 15T aluminum motor pulley *
belts 2x 270mm HTD5M belt 15mm wide *
controller Focbox piolet remote
Battery 10s4p

stared items * - Dual Mechanical Kit (save 20%) – ElectricBoardSolutions

wheels - Orangatang Caguama Longboard Wheels - 85mm (Pack of 4) | Longboard Wheels | Orangatang and Shark Wheels | SkateHut

VESC - Focbox Unity | Powerful Dual Motor ESC for performance electric skate – Massive Stator Pty Ltd

Motor - SENSORED WATERPROOF MOTOR 6355 – ElectricBoardSolutions

Controller - Focbox Pilot Remote | Compact Rechargeable Wireless Hand Control VESC – Massive Stator Pty Ltd

Battery - Molicel P26A – Fogstar Wholesale (, Flexible battery PCB kit – ElectricBoardSolutions, Bestech High Discharge BMS 10s/12s 40/60/80A – ElectricBoardSolutions


take his 10s smart bms and you have yourself a nice build

Thanks for the advice man!

Welcome to the forum @Sprinkles. :rainbow: