Build for sale ! Med size Loaded Poke deck

Ok so here are the details .

This build has about 5 full charges on it and only 8 rides . My friend that i help build this with doesn’t real ride it anymore and is letting it go. Sad to say he is looking for $1500 for it . He is willing to negotiate but please no low ballers. Ok now that that’s all said and done here is what’s in this little bad boy . -built on a Loaded Poke Deck …has a nice kick tail and is small enough be a great everyday board. -Custom CNC Black ABS lower tray . So, I scanned the bottom of the deck and got a perfect surface to model a tray in Soildworks. Had the thing cut out and it mates perfectly to the base of the deck. It has inset Hex bolt drop ins so nothing is sticking out . -11s3p battery built on Samsung 30qs with built in BMS Pack is wrapped and super clean. -Unity VESC is inside controlling all the goodness -DIY electric hub motors that are no joke POWERFULL -Build Kit Board remote with two mode switch -LCD display for battery -107mm Flywheels 74a -Custom Bag pack to carry this sweet Ride …brand “Obed”


Ok so that’s pretty much it . Hit me up with any questions thanks guys ,

By the way this board is located in SF California. SO if any of you Eskate people wanna check it message me and I will set it up .

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Try selling it over at

That’s where the folks are.


Yeah, 1k for TB direct drives and a unity alone would be a steal! is where you’ll find peopleeee

Thanks guys I will move my post there !!