Build help with size of belt

Okay so I am gathering parts for my build I want to order the enertion motor mount and the TB 16mm 36mm flywheel gearing I have a 6374 190kv motor on its way how do i know which size belt to get 12mm wide but don’t know the size of the belt. Any help would be appreciated.

You will need 265mm htd5 belts.


Thank you @flatspot

Also with a 6374 190kv motor which would be better all around 13 tooth or 16 tooth with a. 36tooth drive wheel? I’m 225lbs if that matters.

Depends on how fast you want to go. I would start with 13 which might require a smaller belt. What size wheels? My board does almost 30mph on 80mm Kegels w/ 14:36 drive. 16:36 will be crazy fast.

You can play around with some numbers there:

To find out what speeds you can expect for different pulley sizes.

I have 90mm flywheel clones

How many cells is are you planning for battery?

I was thinking 10 its my first board by no mean do I care about speed. Is that overkill?

More cells mean more voltage and less amperage. I say the more voltage the merrier, because amperage is what causes most problems.

On 90mm wheels and 10S I would go 13 tooth drive especially if this is your first go.

That’s partially true. If you have 10 cells and you put all 10 in series (end to end) then you’d get a higher voltage, but fewer amps. If put 5 cells in series and 2 in parallel, so you’d still have 10 cells total, but double the current and half the voltage.

Basically I’d choose your battery voltage based on the motor (or vice-versa), and then chose the number of those in parallel based on how many amps you plan on drawing and how long/far you want to ride.

What kind of range would you expect out of a 10s 5000mah set up 25mph is top speed I would like to go

It all depends on conditions. My board on 12S 5000mAh lipos w/ 6374 gets about 9 miles stop and go averaging about 18mph. Not sure if that helps at all.

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So I would be goof running say 2 5000mah 5s lipos in series with 190kv 6374 mono drive and expect 20mph and say 7 mile range?