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Build High-Performance Electric Skateboard in 12mins | Video Tutorial

No need to buy electric skateboards off the shelf these days… You can build your own in a matter of minutes.

In this video I show you step-by-step how to build the Raptor Mono.


Awesome…but people are super lazy

Except for us!

that’s why i offer pre-built ones too :slight_smile:


Lol of course you do :+1:t2:

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If a single motor is already a “high performance” eboard, how would you call a dual …

Because it can out-perform a boosted dual + which is generally regarded by the average consumer as being high performance. So by default the mono is higher-performance. The Raptor Dual Drive is just another level above that again with “Much Higher Performance”

It’s not hard to out-perform the mainstream offerings.

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Geeky joke :wink:

Have you any plans to offer the board for sale unassembled to save us a good bit on labour etc? I would be very happy with that!

we build the board in about 12 minutes (obviously there is other things that need to get done like packaging etc), But anyway the labor cost is minimal.

I may still offer it in kit form though… it certainly would be easier for us,.

Ah yeah that makes sense! I was just seeing if there were ways to get an enertion board cheaper :wink: Once you factor in the import tax (UK) it really is a large amount of money. In terms of DIY, are there any good solutions to see current battery percentage?

Hey onloop. I asked you this in private chat but maybe others esk8 fans are interested too. First of all are you the person doing the guide?
What an awesome video! Now I know how an eboard is built and even more important consists of.
My question is: if I am going to build my own board with the Enertion parts, as you showed in the clip, would it miss finetuning like finished boards like the Evolve Carbon Street as an example?
Have you compared your dual motor to the dual+ from BB? I have only seen the mono raptor compared to the BB.
The “stats” from your boards (parts) look good but I am afraid my (builded) board wouldnt be as flexible or anything else, companies assure you their boards have. A well rounded, finished product.
Hope you get my question, reminding you of english not being my first language :wink:

That’s @onloop alright …you should watch all of his vids… It will give you a more rounded idea of what it takes to get a board built…

As in fine tuning … Building it yourself gives you more ability to fine tune… Pre-made boards have factory settings…DIY gives you more motor choices like 50-63 mm brushless motors (many makers), Hub Motors…
…more wheel choices (sizes and colors)… More deck choices (pick a brand or make one)… Etc…But it takes work.

Trust me…you will have way more pride in your ride if you build it yourself…and it won’t be just one time…I assure you

There’s this thing from which I’m waiting to try this week, otherwise you could use a normal voltage meter and derive it from it.

Do a kit dude…like paint by numbers…would be a great family activity to have a kit and to build it together … Just sayin … I think it’s one of the greatest things abt this…it isn’t super hard but the satisfaction once it’s made is simple amazing and worth sharing … My little girls are too little but I have them in the garage playing with tools and skateboards…but once they are big enough…E-skate-O-Rama …

This is way better than LEGOs

Thanks for sharing your experience and I will check out the other videos. But which parts should I start with? Is it still finetuning when buying all the parts from enertion? Id like a strong (maybe dual motor) with at least 15-20 miles range. I have not yet ridden an e-board and dont want to miss the wavy snowboard/surf like feel… Which in other words mean i dont want a board that can only go straight well.

simplifying complex things is extremely complex

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you can make a diy eboard handle however you like, what trucks do you like? what deck/wheel base?

snowboarding & surfy is not great for high-speed eboards though…

This is very far from giving you the remaining charge of the battery.
The discharge of the battery in term of voltage is highly non linear (and that is a good thing).
So the voltage won’t say much …


Ill have a test ride sometime soon. As soon as I know what I liked and what I dont ill call for help. Thanks for sharing all these videos!
To answer your question, the power+max speed are more likely to be important. It should be a fun and fast commute board.
The idea to number each step (and parts), which was written above, sounds real good.
Still your video covered all the steps very well and you had a clear setup.
Keep up the passion and work! :slight_smile:

Well yes…

Let’s go on…

What voltage do you want?
6s, 10s— 12s?
What motor size? The KV?
how abt the gearing? 12t ? 16t
What Esc do you wanna use?

Not for nothing…a bracket motor mount is just that…they are all purposed to do the same thing…keep the motor in place…that’s it…so if you get one from Enertion or make it yourself … They will function the same.

What’s battery? Lipos? Pre made Enertion pack…DIY pack?

The sky is almost the limit … Only board size and your imagination is your only constraint …

Well… If you want a surfy/snowboard feel…I suggest a long board 40 plus inches with angle risers…you could weld a mount to some gullwing sidewinder ii … I think that is what Evolve uses on some boards …

We all here hope that you take a moment to check this out: this will help you figure out what you may want…

There are solution to the questions you ask…I bet you find most of them here…I know it’s a pain…but take a look at some of the threads here… It’s not as bad as looking at endless sphere …that will drive you bonkers … This site is still small but has some killer info … Take a look at the build threads…they have links in some as to where to get the items…that’s like almost zero effort in shopping

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