Build ideas and help planning for budget AT build

Hello everyone! Very new here (to the point that I only just got permission to make my own posts haha). Initially posted a simpler version of this in the noob-help thread, but I think it was a bit too complex a topic for there really.

I’m justifying this build because I suffer from anxiety, and giving myself a hands-on project that will get me outside more often is kinda ‘doctors orders’.

SHOPPING LIST: (Incomplete)

Deck: 33" of compact canadian maple. The Restless Mantis.


Wheels: Either Bergmeisters or DickyHo pneumatics.

Trucks: Unknown. Haggy trucks, or DickyHo trucks, unless I can find a decent third option that it compatible with a motor mount that I can source inexpensively!

Motor: Dual motors. Either [Maytech – 6374 170KV Sensored], or the Haggy 190kv motors (if I end up with a full kit).

ESC: Originally I wanted a Unity, but it seems if I wait for that then I have to pretty much write off being able to actually rife this board this summer. And as I’m in england, that would probably mean not getting to ride the board until sometime next year lol. So currently going to be a Flipsky 6.6 dual, or a 4.2 dual.

BMS: Bestech 10s with switch

Casing - So the enclosure is a work in progress, but I’m currently modelling a variation of NESE modules for the batteries.

RestlessNese1 RestlessNese2


Check out @dickyho. He has an AT setup for sale that I am very much a fan of. All you will need is motors, a battery, esc and enclosure. The motor mounts, tires, bearings and trucns are all included. Pulleys too… converted to Pounds, the setup was about 135 pounds or 177 dollars shipped


you have so much research to do. Also, your budget for a true all terrain isnt too crazy, but if youre expecting a luxury performance beast youre not going to get it.

You shouldnt bother with sixshooters if youre on a budget, instead go for some trampa wheels as paired with their tires, 7 inch or up.

Your motors are fine, as well as your esc

Your battery is where you can follow the lipo path or the li ion path, and either is acceptable. youll need more money for a li ion pack to be comparable to the high output of a lipo pack, but im building a 12s7p pack of samsung 30qs and its going to be a monster.

Your drive train is also another expensive aspect of an all terrain board, a gear drive seems to be out of your budget, and a belt drive is ok, but be prepared to buy alot of belts if you actually AT with it

Im building a board like this and its going to cost upward of 2500USD when its done, the price just keeps going up and up the more luxury and safety features I add to it, as well as increase my power and ride comfort… its all a trade for money :stuck_out_tongue:

good luck bro

an example of a good stripped down AT build is something like what @nowind has, a little 12s lipo pouch, a rock sold drive train and a flexy/ok at high speed trampa build.

For something that is crazy decked out, you can look at something like @rich, who has a great AT/Street Trampa build

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Whilst the Dickyho setup might be good I’m sure you would be better off with quality components such as haggyboard components


Quick answers from quickly reading your post:

  1. longboard with pneumatics are a great combo

  2. sealed pulley motor is a great way to get going. Gear boxes are new and less maintenance but more expensive until one comes out at an affordable price (on the horizon, not naming names)

  3. no. Built it diy. It will be way better and you’ll save more money in the long run.


Wheels - Look into bergmeister wheels and pulley setup. @riverside.rider is a great guy and the product quality and customer service is unparalleled.

Motors - maytech sealed 6374 are highly recommended

Esc - focbox is great but not made anymore. Flipsky isn’t bad.

Charger should come with your battery. Use high c rated lipos or Samsung 30q lithium ion cells from a reliable retailer here.

Enclosure - check out @bigben

Good luck man!

P. S. Haggy setup is @riverside.rider too.


Wanting to ride on the beach in think sand wil be your biggest obstacle.
Hard packed sand isn’t a big deal. @Bobby is right, if your om a strict budget it doesn’t get much cheaper than the @dickyho kit. Although i really like @riverside.rider 145mm pneumatic tires. They are just a bit more. Unsure of your budget. Maybe add a flipsky vesc (try and find a plus)

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I would recommend dickyho, haven’t used it myself but

  1. I have a AT board myself with same/similar tires that go on 6shooters and to me dickyho seems at par. I would have gotten dickyho instead if they were available back then

  2. He stands by what he sells. You won’t be disappointed.

I also use flipsky 6.6 that I had gotten for cheap during black Friday and I have no complaints. My motors are sealed and upgraded 6374 motors from flipsky. I have ridden a bit more than 400km on this setup and everything seems to be working great.

I don’t do crazy AT, but ride on grass on fields.

Just in case you need some reassurance

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“Luxury performance beast” isn’t what I’m aiming for haha. I’m pretty much just wanting a longboard with a motor that moves me along!

I did notice this from a store in the EU (which is good enough as it means no import problems) - eSkating - Which comes with the motor I was looking at as well as a 10s2p samsung battery that I’d heard was decent as well. May look into sourcing the parts seperately and see if it works out much cheaper.

But yeh, I’m looking to end up with something tidy, and which will get me along reliably. I’d rather configure it to give me decent torque and braking for all terrains, and leave the top speed at something below-average. I’d rather have fun carving along, than racing anywhere. (Kinda hoped a lot of the expensive modifications were for people wanting high-powered top-speed machines!)

Interesting I’ll take a look thankyou :slight_smile: I was concerned about the motor mounts as I noticed they could be £200 by themselves for decent ones and thats a huge chunk of budget.

Local beach is mostly fairly medium packed sand, to harder packed where the tide lines are. I’d avoid anything too deep and loose. I can stretch the budget maybe for the right things, I’ll take a look at the riverside rider options, as those tires sound like a good bet.

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I would argue to get the most out of your board, get a battery that’s 10s3p or greater, preferable 30q, and you’ll have at least a 10 miles range, worst case :slight_smile:

Chain drive might be an option? Use a high ratios to get high torque and low speed like you said

No idea how it performs in the sand though

really appreciate the reply, I’ve had so many helpful replies so fast I really didn’t expect it haha!

is there a bergmeister setup that includes motor mounts etc like the dickyho ones? Just cos the motor mounts seem to be expensive if bought seperately (unless I’m just looking in the wrong places). Trying to look through riverside’s stuff but it seems to be from last year

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blue-compressor_1200x Lots of color options. These are mine :heart_eyes:

@moon might be able to help. It just comes down to matching the motor plate, clamp, and trucks to fit eachother.


Bergmeister fits any trucks with a 8 or 10mm axle

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Check haggyboards website. @riverside.rider is haggy

Ahh, he seems to be USA based (EDIT - Taiwan, apparently) :frowning: looks like his shipping is free if I order enough, but I’d have to pay import fees etc so I’d have to add 25% on top of everything. Might still be worth it if it’s cheap/good enough, but no returns or anything either. Edit - Not USA, but still import fees which make it tricky. I’m looking anyway though as those wheels are pretty nice :slight_smile:

All my packages from him came from Singapore

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Chain drive was something I considered, but would that not mean I’d have to get specific sprocketing for the motor and wheel, so the dickyho option wouldn’t work for me? I’m yet to find a cheap/decent option that mentions chain, they all seem to be either belt or hub (and I don’t think hubs would work for the wheels I want)

He is from Taiwan. Bro your going to have to do a bit of research