Build No 2 | Loaded Vanguard | Dual FOCBOX | Dual 6354 190Kv Rear Mounted | LiPos?

Hey All I’ve decided I want to build a second board, this with a build log. I’ve seen so many Vanguard Builds and they look so nice, plus I like the feel of a board with a little flex.

The parts I have until now are the motors and motor mounts. I’ve ordered 2 FocBoxes as I’d like to run the motors with FOC to get them nice and quiet.

Right now the parts I need help on are the batteries. I’ve decided to go with LiPos, as I can’t be bothered buying individual cells, have someone weld them together and ship them to my place or do the spot welding myself (Don’t have the equipment) and I’m happy with my first board’s Lipo setup. Also, Hobbyking has a sale on right now…

I’m thinking of getting 2 of these: to run as 10s. Im about 75kg and would expect about 10km range (flat) with those, what do you think?

Everything seems fine but why rear mounted? And don’t go with li-po’s. Since you are going with good motors and deck, just get a forever battery (li-ion)! You don’t need to buy individual cells, just PM @barajabali and he’ll do whichever magic you wish for!!

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I don’t know if you have already seen it or not but just in case check out @jackw 's build! It’s the best) he also used li-po’s so if you also go that route just get a BMS for easy charging and get some enclosures from @Eboosted !!!


Lipo is a smart option. It is cheaper and also has less voltage sag. Liion is certainly not a “forever” option. If you have $400+ to spend then go liion for sure. If you are building on a budget or don’t want voltage sag, go with lipo.


I have enlosures ready to ship!

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@BoostedBuilder rear mounted because I can and dual motors because I live in Switzerland and we have loads of mountains. @barajabali Do you even ship to Switzerland / Germany? Yes, I’m thinking of saving some money with lipos. I have an imaxb6 charger which I could use but the integrated bms route sounds nice too…

Unfortunately I do not :frowning:

I’m from Switzerland myself and have a boosted v2, no problems with motors under the deck!

Got the board, mounts, wheels, bearings, motors. Mounts are the “stealth mounts” by @WSB Motors are saite 190kv 6354.

Motors! Mounts: Testing the mounts with motor and wheels: Testing to see how the motors fit - everything is just loosely screwed in.

I had a try at designing the cases for the vescs and batteries yesterday - I realized I still need to brush up my 3D modelling skills but I’ll get there somehow.


Looking good! Like it a lot. Thingiverse has some nice VESC cases, question is are they big enough for dual Foxboxes. You can then easily design some for the lipos…I have a nice little box printed for my 2x4S setup. In future when I’ll go dual, it can easily be reprinted a bit larger and still stay in smaller dimensions than Lion enclosures.

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I’ve succeded in modeling my own version of the boosted VESC cover. It should fit for 2 FOCBOXES and a reciever. I’ll try printing it in the next few days when my filament arrives .

Nice to hear! What filament will you use for the enclosure? I’ve tried printing with various sturdy ones like colorfabb XT and Extrudr Green Tec…all great alternatives. I might try the XT CF20 next…looks so good.

Just some ABS, a brand from the store I can get in the country, apparently it get’s made for them…

Sooooo… I had a sucessful print (actually with PLA this time round as I didn’t have enough ABS left) and I went and sanded and primed it now. It’s drying now and I forgot so snap a pic bit will update tomorrow.

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So this is the PLA print. I have to say i’m not 100% happy with how it turned out - i printed without supports and with a to large layer height. Infill was too high as well (60%),so on my next go, I’ll be using ABS so that I can use the Acetone fumes trick to smoothen it after, print with supports and with less infill - probably about 20%-30%.


I would recommend buying from @Eboosted, his enclosures är great. But if you want typ 3D print there are some nice boosted like ones on thingeverse!