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Hi guys, I am currently using an DIY electric longboard with 97mm wheels. the pavement I ride on frequently is pretty rough and uneven. My feet will feel numb after about half hour of riding. I am looking to build my second board and am interested in some trampa products. I am currently quite torn between either getting the urban carver with 6inch pneumatics or just wait for the orrsom longboard with the urban threads. Urban carver comes with spring trucks and 6.5" urban threads while the orrsom longboard comes with a larger caliber styled trucks with 6.5" urban threads. I am wondering which of the 2 rides will have better comfort while offering some good stability.I figure the orrsom longboard will ride alot like a standard longboard with slightly more comfort due to the pneumatic tyres. I am not too sure how will the ride will feel with the urban carver board. Would like to hear some of you guys opinions and thoughts before I make a decision

The urban carver is not a good board for speed, you need to be a good rider to avoid speed woobles and go over 45km/hr, on the other hand the turning radio is pretty poor unless you dial the trucks good.

The orrsom board doesn’t look like a emtb at all, I’d rather get a Landyachtz Evo much nicer looking and amazing stability for high speeds

If I were you I’ll get a hs11 deck with ultimate trucks

@Eboosted I don’t plan to travel at very high speed. Somewhere along 20mph is sufficient for me as me and my buddy tend to ride leisure during the weekend, chatting and riding.

The partial reason I considered the orrsom was that it is almost like the evolve deck with the AT option.

What is the difference between the hs11 and urban carve decks btw?

Seems you haven’t rode much yet. Your legs get stronger the more you ride. I had also the few first times sore legs, but it passed the more i rode.

Other to smoothen the ride a little is to add rubber risers.

(Is it right to say “rode”, or is it better “riding”, “ridden”?)

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Are the 97 wheels, clones? If so, get real ABEC wheels and it’ll feel much better. Or even upgrade to 100/107mm.

I don’t think it was sore or anything. Is just that the vibrations made the feet feel numb. It is like stepping on a soft cotton ground after riding.

Been riding around for a couple hundred of miles

Not my native language. But yea, same thing, like lifeless legs :slight_smile:

yeah, so I think it isn’t really an issue of legs sore. I’m switching to a build with pneumatic to dampen some vibrations due to the uneven pavements.

Maybe @trampa could help with your queries

The Orrsum is very stable at speed, and it turns on a dime. It’s very capable of going down trails and through the woods. The comfort gain, riding on pneumatics is huge! No Vibrations, endless riding. The Orrsum still has some flex, if you choose 14Ply. Its easy to build, since the battery can be completely flat. All you need to do is drop in your battery, either 12S4P 18650 cells or 6x 2S,10000mAh Lipos.

Your choice comes down to where you want to ride? More Urban or more off-road/trails.


I am riding 98% urban. Cement and asphalt pavements. The orrsom longboard pictures look like there is some concavity on the board. The bottom is flat?

This image should answer some of your questions.

5° Concave…

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