Build your own compact Eboard Controller | GT2B Case mod

Firstly lets thank BADWOLF! He created this awesome design and made it available FREE for the world!

This is one of the coolest hacks/mods for builders of DIY electric skateboards! Everyone hates the big chunky remotes that are originally designed for steering an RC car around…

Now you can make your own AWESOME controller that will fit in your pocket!

It uses the inside components from a commonly available RC car remote called the GT-2B

Here is the link to instructions on thingiverse

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I have a step-by-step how-to i just did i’d love to share here. I’m a new user on this forum, so it won’t let me post pictures (kinda the point for folks like me who are visual). I’ll post it up here as soon as i get rights to link images in my posts.

Welcome sleepy. Go add some words to the GOT.

cross-link to the how-to tutorial (lots of step-by-step pictures).

It’s pretty easy and only takes a few hours if you take your time doing it. Quality of the 3d print will really make a difference, but even a rough print is a huge improvement over the large GT2B’s stock size!

Do you have any idea what the dimensions of the badwolf are? I was thinking of grabbing a 3d printer to start messing with these controllers, but idk what size of a printing tray I would need…

you can download the files and check for yourself. They are freely downloadable.

Also why would you use a badwolf when there is the far superior Mad Munkey mod?

Sorry man, I downloaded the files and tried to checked, but I don’t have the right software to work with .stl files. I opened it with Xcode and it showed nothing about the size.

And I’m not picky about it which mod, I want to try them all for my self. But until I can figure out what the dimensions of this is, I can’t buy a 3D printer.

Oh yeah, xcode won’t know how to handle an stl file. You can easily download Cura (free 3d printing software made for the Ultimaker, but works on others as well and can be used as a viewer) or a site like this if you want to look at it in 3d, and they will often gives some type of measurement.